Cake Decorating Using A Lazy Susan

It’s truly amazing what you can create — Of course, it takes practice, but with the desire and some basic tools — along with creativity/imagination you can create some true masterpieces!

I’m not so much into icing — maybe it’s because I’ve never had much success in getting the icing or frosting to look beautiful . . . With the right tools . . . instruction . . . desire . . . You can definitely do whatever you set your mind to achieving.

It does look like fun . . . Can you  imagine the happiness this would bring to your face . . . and, of course, your family and friends . . . when you create your very own decorated cake. Will you use fruit or will you try your hand at making frosting flowers?

With the correct tools, you can layer your cake in such a way that will delight the eye as well as your taste buds . . . Are you ready to go out on a cake decorating adventure? Click any of the images above or to the left and do some exploring into the wonderful world of cake decorating tools!!

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Creepy Cemetery Stories

How much of what we associate with cemeteries is from our own imaginations — fed via media, urban legends, folk lore . . . scary movies . . . Perhaps we do want to experience something creepy — even scary . . . 

There’s A Lot Of History One Can Learn From Visiting A Cemetery

I remember visiting a local cemetery and noticing a repeated year on hundreds of headstones. That was a year when there was a flu epidemic. There was another date that coincided with the opening of a hospital for patients with TB. It’s sad so many lost their lives through an illness — but they do have a nice place where they are remembered.

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Abandoned Ski Resort Exploration

Abandoned property is always interesting to explore. It is sad to see the amount of damage caused by the elements and people . . . Is the place haunted? It’s difficult to know for sure. This does seem like a nice place in its day — yet too expensive to maintain and attract guests.

Do You Believe This Place?

I never went to such fancy places for vacation . . . not much into skiing or ice skating. Yet this place would have been a wonderful paradise for a family to spend a winter vacation. 

Too bad the various owners couldn’t make a go of the place. So much was abandoned and left behind — the skis and the ice skates . . . 

As with most places . . . and in this place as a ski resort — It would be understandable that there were people who may have gotten hurt or even lost their life . . . 

Haunted? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Celebrity Ghost Stories

Too often we go about our normal routine, not realizing that we have ghosts among us . . . Getting a cold chill out of nowhere — Seeing movement out of the corner of your eye — Smelling something that has no physical reason for being in the room . . . Objects being moved . . . That sense of being watched . . .

How Open Are You About The Paranormal?

I doubt I’d mention to others that I believed there was a ghost in my room . . . It should be a natural thing. Many people have had paranormal experiences. They, unfortunately won’t talk about them — or roll their eyes if you mention it . . . We don’t want people to make fun of us . . . However, we know the truth!!

It’s quite brave of these celebrities to discuss their paranormal experiences. The more people who do, the more we’ll feel comfortable about it.

I’ve had experiences where objects have been moved — even pictures have fallen from the wall. I believe we have spirits among us that are letting us know they are watching over us.

But What About A Dark Entity — One That Means To Harm Us?

It may be time to reach out to someone who knows about such things to help us . . . It’s important to protect ourselves — there is evil . . .

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Paranormal Glitches

I was talking with a friend who told me of a couple of experiences he had where everything was normal . . . and then everyone and everything was abandoned . . . Fortunately for him this was only a short time frame of confusion . . . not so in the story on the video . . .

That’s truly an experience I would not want to have — being only a child . . . Makes one wonder how easy it is to walk into another reality . . . It has to be quite difficult otherwise we’d all have these altered reality stories.

Back to my friend’s story:

It was the last day of school . . .  he was in high school at the time. Everyone was out in front of the school. He forgot something and went back inside the building to get it. When he got outside again, the buses were gone, all the kids were gone — He wasn’t in the building that long to account for the whole place to be empty. Instead of just going home, he decided to go back into the building — maybe something was going on inside . . . Well, there was nothing unusual happening, so he went back outside and the kids were milling about and the buses were all lined up . . .

He didn’t know what to make of it . . . neither did I . . . I believe he made the correct decision to return inside the building rather than going home — maybe he wouldn’t have been able to find his house . . . or another family lived in it . . . Freaks you out a bit doesn’t it?

Have You Had Such An Experience?

Share your personal paranormal glitch experience in the comments. Or your thoughts about the video story or my friend’s personal experience.

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