Abandoned property is always interesting to explore. It is sad to see the amount of damage caused by the elements and people . . . Is the place haunted? It’s difficult to know for sure. This does seem like a nice place in its day — yet too expensive to maintain and attract guests.

Do You Believe This Place?

I never went to such fancy places for vacation . . . not much into skiing or ice skating. Yet this place would have been a wonderful paradise for a family to spend a winter vacation. 

Too bad the various owners couldn’t make a go of the place. So much was abandoned and left behind — the skis and the ice skates . . . 

As with most places . . . and in this place as a ski resort — It would be understandable that there were people who may have gotten hurt or even lost their life . . . 

Haunted? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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