This catapult is popular around my house. You can learn a lot about people when you have a few paper craft toys on the coffee table enticing your guests to play with them.

This one is great fun! It has a range of up to 10 feet. Be sure to make several so you can give them as gifts for your guests to take home. It’s always good to have a couple around just for fun. It can be addicting. I always want to see how many times I can hit my target in a row and then beat my last score.

catapult1catapult2This is what you’ll get — a catapult and a target of a vampire grave plus a dozen bundles of stakes.

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I know you’re eager to get the instructions and free templates so you can begin playing:

Assembly Instructions

Catapult and Target

Print the assembly instructions on regular printer paper, but use a heavy card stock for the catapult, target and bundle of stakes. These are definitely going to get a workout.

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