My friends over at RavensBlight always make me laugh with the talent of Ray O’Bannon.

Not only is there a Skeletal Band, but there are also Backup Musicians.

They’re all FREE for you to print out and assemble.

I suppose some introductions are in order: The Band consists of Nash, Mic and Boots. The Backup Musicians are Sky, Tony and Charlie.

Just click the images to the right and the left and you’ll be taken to the download page over at RavensBlight.

As I mentioned before, The Band and Backup Musicians are all compliments of Ray O’Bannon at RavensBlight. They are FREE to print out on your personal printer. They come complete with assembly instructions.

These guys come with their own stage . . . and light show.

As you download them, print them out, cut them out and begin assembling them, you’ll become a bit more familiar with them.

You may not want to print out and assemble the whole band and backup musicians, you may have a drummer in your house . . . and Boots is the one for you . . . or the keyboard with Tony. Or, there could be one that has that special look about him that you can’t resist.

A six piece band seems to be a winner . . . but you can choose the ones you want to print out and assemble.

They’re an old group of guys that have been hanging out at the cemetery for much too long before Ray O’Bannon set them up at RavensBlight. They are a regular Friday and Saturday Night Hit . . . You can name the band whatever fits for your personal preference of music and  style — even for the occasion. These guys love all the holidays.

Have some fun with these skeletal fellows.

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