Coming Home Is A Great Thing . . .

And for Amy, it was taking a step into her past — high school debate team . . . To be honest with you, I wouldn’t want to revisit high school or college . . . But, at times to move forward, we need to take a look back. Perhaps to discover what brought us here and what is truly important.

I’m usually not a fan of movies with flashbacks, but without them, there would be no movie. And we wouldn’t understand why Amy sort of came home. And there would be no point of the movie . . . I’m not into spoilers, but maybe I do need to make an exception in this case.

I wasn’t on a debate team, but I had my share of debates in high school and college courses — something in the curriculum that required this activity across many subject areas. It allowed me to view issues from both sides and to dig deeper into the subject matter . . . Something I value now.

For This Review, I Had To Watch The Movie Again . . . I Did Get Lost At One Point . . .

Amy’s Former Debate Team Teacher Is Ill And Dying Without Family And Granted Amy Her Power Of Attorney To Get Her Affairs In Order

Amy’s life is in New York with her career and traveling, returning to Louisiana was not on her agenda, ever.

But there she was. In Louisiana. At her old debate team coach’s house thinking and reliving the debates she had in high school with Nick, her debate team partner.

I don’t want to give away any more of the story. It is heartwarming and heartbreaking. You get a better understanding of Amy and her situation which is obviously more than her high school years.


This is a good movie. I’m glad I watched it again. I got lost in a dream scene that caught me a bit off-guard. It is important to pay attention.

The ending surprised me. It seemed to work out. Some loose ends didn’t get addressed, but I suppose a movie rarely gives you all the answers and pieces falling into place.

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