Do you have Amazon Prime?

At $99. a year, I believe it’s a real bargain for those who order regularly from

There are so many other reasons — if you’re into shopping for bargains — you get an advanced looked to get in on the savings. There’s also movie video streaming and music streaming as well as a library of e-books . . . and there are bargains for purchasing such items. There is a discount for Prime Members . . . and also some items that are exclusive to Prime Members.

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I believe it pays for itself if you order regularly. You get free shipping on a 2nd day delivery. That is a major savings. It does add up over time. And then, as I mentioned there are the movies and music and e-books and savings on products. I am truly impressed!

I know many people who have casually mentioned Amazon Prime to me in conversation. They have all been complimentary and talk about the savings they’ve made from year to year. It is truly a big deal to get Free 2nd Day Shipping. The shipping costs do add up over time — much more than what you pay for the annual membership. Plus, you receive so very much more:

  • Free Access to The Washington Post
  • Prime Early Access — Shop Deals First
  • Unlimited Streaming of Movies and TV shows — Anywhere, anytime.
  • Explore Prime Music
  • Explore Prime Video
  • Auto-Save Photos — Free with Prime
  • There are also Add-On Subscriptions you can make — yes, they will cost more

Also, in some areas for some items you can get Free Same Day Delivery. Something that may appeal to you.

I usually don’t mind waiting a few days for delivery of my orders . . . but getting free shipping was the no-brainer for me. Some items may take three days for delivery — but it is free. I’m not a real stickler when it comes to the 2nd day delivery. I just know that some items do take a bit longer to be delivered than others. So, if I absolutely need something delivered by a particular date, I give Amazon time to make the delivery. I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment.

Usually Amazon is quite good with their deliveries . . . getting things out as soon as possible. And we have to understand that some vendors do take longer to ship items . . . and then there are weather conditions . . . and other factors that we may not know anything about that may delay an order.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with Amazon and with Amazon Prime. You can get started with a free 30-day trial and check it out for yourself. You can cancel at any time.

I hope this was helpful and you’ll check out Amazon Prime.

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