I don’t like to admit it, but I believe this is sometimes true.

Rachel wasn’t feeling well one evening and got up to make some toast after everyone else went to bed and were sleeping soundly.

She was in the kitchen waiting for the toast to pop up out of the toaster. She heard something scratching under the table that was only a little ways away from where she was standing. Was it a mouse, she wondered. She stepped away from the counter and looked under the table. She saw nothing, but still heard the scratching. She got down on her hands and knees to get a good look under the pedestal.

When her toast popped up, it scared her half to death and she hit her head on the underside of the table.

As she was preparing her toast, she heard talking in the living room. She was sure no one was up, but called out.

The voices began mocking her.

“I’m in the kitchen.”

“I’m making toast.”

“My tummy hurts.”

Then there was laughter that seemed cruel.

“I bumped my head — hard too, it hurts.”

“The toaster scared me.”

“Oh what a baby.”

There were a few rude comments Rachel didn’t share, but she was so upset that she woke her family and they left to spend the night in a motel.

She did call in a paranormal team of investigators.

In the light of day she felt foolish, but she didn’t want to be mocked by entities in her house. She didn’t feel safe there.

The investigators stayed in the house for three days and three nights documenting everything. The experiences they had were similar to Rachel’s but escalated as the days progressed.

They ended up having to call paramedics due to the injuries they received.

When Rachel received a report from the investigators they told her that whatever was in the house had physically attacked them. They did need medical attention for the scratches and being tossed around like rag dolls. Several had broken bones.

They were mocked and their cameras and other equipment were smashed, the broken pieces were used as weapons. The kitchen knives were thrown around. Doors opened and closed. They were levitated and dropped.

When the realtor came to the house when Rachael told her she wanted to sell, she said that it looked like a wild party had taken place. She did get a cleaning crew and Rachel hired movers to pack their belongings. She never wanted to step foot in the house again.

The house had been vacant for three years.

Rachael decided to turn off the electricity. She thought whatever was in the house was feeding off it. If she received an offer, she’d turn it back on for the inspection.

Rachael did get an offer. All seemed quiet in the house. There were inspections the prospective buyers arranged. Everything was in good working order. The roof was sound.

Escrow closed and the new buyers had some remodeling done before moving in.

The workers complained that their tools were moved and they heard talking and music playing. They were feeling uncomfortable being in the house. Doors would open and close. One worker was working alone and was nailed to the wall by his own nail gun. He was stuck there until the next morning when the other men came to finish up their jobs.

The new buyers thought the workers were making up stories to get more money for the job they were doing.

Rachael didn’t hear any more about the house. The realtor retired and when she met with fellow realtors, she didn’t want to hear about that house.

As far as I know the house is vacant once again and has been for maybe ten years.

It had been rented out for Halloween parties, but that stopped when the band that was hired lost several members due to electrocution and another was hung on the chandelier with the electrical cables. It was a frightening experience that the homeowner didn’t want to repeat.

Other paranormal investigators wanted to check it out, but they were refused access to the house.

This was Rachael’s dream house. She lost her husband in a car accident and was raising her four children with the help of her parents. Then the incident in the kitchen happened. She had lived in the house for five years before anything happened. She wondered if her children had called in something or if it was the age of her children becoming teenagers.

They moved into another place across town and had no trouble at all.

The new owners are stuck with this house that is not fit for the living.

I wish I had more information and something definite to report about why there was suddenly paranormal activity in the house — poltergeists?

Whatever it is, I believe this makes a great Real Ghost Story.

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