I ain’t afraid of no ghosts seems to be the running joke with “ghost hunters”.

But in reality, I’m not too sure.

We may not be afraid afraid of them, but we can still be startled by them or feel uncomfortable around them.

This is a real ghost story told to me by Kevin.

One weekend he agreed to house sit for a friend. Basically he was feeding his friend’s dog and cat and hanging out with them for awhile before returning home.

His friend told him the house was haunted, but not to worry about it, no harm has come to his family or pets. Kevin wasn’t a believer in ghosts and just took it as his friend messing with him.

When he arrived to feed his friend’s pets, he saw something watching him from an upstairs window. He immediately texted his wife to join him at the house. Kevin wasn’t comfortable going into the house alone.

When his wife arrived, he told her to stay outside and he went in alone to check out the bedroom window where he was sure someone was watching him.

He went through the whole house feeling a bit foolish. Nothing was there.

He and his wife fed the dog and cat and settled into the living room to watch a DVD that Kevin’s friend set out for him to watch.

The dog was barking at something on the staircase. The cat settled on the sofa next to Kevin’s wife, Maureen.

Kevin went upstairs to investigate what had the dog so upset. When he returned he was white as a ghost, shaking and having trouble breathing.

Maureen went to him. She was going to go upstairs, but Kevin blocked her from going up.

Once he settled down, he took Maureen by the hand and showed her what scared him. He explained that he saw someone in that front bedroom window looking at him when he arrived. When he went upstairs the first time, the door was open. When he went up the second time the door was closed. When he opened it, there were three coats hanging on the bed post — one inside the other.

Downstairs, they heard noises in the kitchen and found all the pots and pans stacked one on top of the other on top of the stove. They knew the stove was clear of any pots and pans when they fed the dog and cat.

They turned off the television and DVD player, ejected the DVD and put it back in its case and left the house.

Before this incident, Kevin and Maureen didn’t believe in ghosts.

They did return later that day to take the dog and cat along with their food, bowls, litter box, beds, toys, etc. with them. Neither of them had any desire to return to the house.

When Kevin’s friend returned, he explained to him what happened.

His friend wasn’t surprised. He said things like that happened all the time.

It seemed to be poltergeist activity that was occurring in the house. If Kevin’s friend was comfortable with it, then it was his business.

I wouldn’t want to be in a house with poltergeist activity. I would prefer ghosts.

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