I’m updating my websites. It is a slow process for me … I’ve been away from my computer for much too long.

I have been watching some movies on Amazon Prime Videos … It’s been enjoyable … something I encourage you to try. Sign-up is quick, easy and secure. There are so very many benefits you can enjoy.  There should be a link on the sidebar … definitely at the bottom of my home page … I don’t want to be too pushy … I know you can decide what is best for you and your family.

I have watched the latest series by Amazon “I Know What You Did Last Summer” … it was creepy … interesting … entertaining … I was hooked!  That may not be much of an review, but honest. I also watched “The Fall” — it took much more time than I anticipated …. in the end it was well worth it.  I got hooked on the story and wanted to see how it would end … then disappointed when the series was over …. I wanted to see more cases solved.  Oh well, such is how series go … and movies too.

I’m eager to know what Prime Videos interest you. I watch a variety of movies … I do love mysteries … not so much into the horror, but at times … Comedy is always good for something light ….

With a new year there is much to explore and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by!