Before we know it kids will be returning back to school.

This is all good. I always looked forward to a new school year.

And school seems to begin earlier and earlier. In the good ol’ days it was usually around Labor Day, but now . . . it’s August!!

We had a few overcast and humid days last week. It really zapped my energy. I’m definitely not used to humid weather conditions.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been busy revamping a website. It has definitely taken more time than anticipated. Obviously, there is more to it. It is my new business venture as well. I didn’t realize how much time it would take.

I’m working on my priorities. 

As you may recall, I love ghost stories.

Well, I’ve watched a series you can view with Amazon Prime. It’s called The Living and the Dead..

I really liked this first season and it left me wanting more. I don’t want to give a spoiler, but the last episode of season 1 made me wonder if it was at all possible.

There were also questions to be answered . . . but unfortunately they won’t be answered because the series was not picked up for another season.

I was about to say, had I known that I wouldn’t have gotten involved . . . but the truth of the matter is that I did enjoy the first season and will probably watch it again — several times to try to fit the pieces together.

For now it is available with Amazon Prime — click the link in the footer to sign-up.

I enjoy my Amazon Prime Membership. I love the free shipping and there are other perks you may enjoy as well. I like old movies I missed during the years of working. It’s kind of nice to get reaquainted with an old favorite or discover one you missed. There are some wonderful original series by Amazon that are definite award winners. An Amazon Prime membership is definitely worth checking out at only $99. per year.

I was just updating the website and I’ll be back with a review or something of interest.

Thanks for stopping by!