Anytime is the right time to make up S’Mores for your family . . . friends . . . and guests!!

I got thinking about BBQ-ing, camping, sitting around a firepit in your own backyard . . .

You don’t necessarily need a campfire to make S’Mores . . . they would definitely taste as sweet . . . and you can tell some scary ghost stories, too.

I would think S’Mores and Ghost Stories would be a winning combination!!

I do have a lovely selection of recipe books for you to check out. They have S’More recipes that will give you a new recipe throughout the summer . . . And, I can imagine that some of these recipes will get you thinking of some variations of your own. That would truly be excellent!!

You may love some of these Recipe Books:

I believe there are more books of S’More Recipes, but this will definitely get you started!!

I hope you’ll have a fun time with many of these recipes!!

I was thinking that maybe I got ahead of myself . . . 

S’Mores have been around for decades . . . but there could be some youngsters who have never heard of S’Mores and never tasted one!!!

I know it may be difficult to believe . . . but it could very easily be true!

I feel absolutely duty-bound to enlighten those unfortunate ones.

A Simple S’Mores Recipe Includes:

  • Graham Crackers
  • Hershey’s Chocolate
  • Melted Marshmallow

It is so very easy . . . and so very delicious!! 

Oh! While I have room here . . . I should tell you a short ghost story to can enjoy with your S’Mores . . . 

A young woman was driving home late one night after a short visit with friends. She noticed she was running low on gas and saw an old rundown gas station ahead. She debated with herself whether to stop or not, but she was running low on gas and didn’t want to run out and get stranded. 

 A man with a scarred face came running out and pumped her gas for her. She rolled down her window just enough to give him her credit card. 

He took it and ran back into the “office area”. 

He ran back and told her she would have to come into the office because her credit card had been declined.

The young woman couldn’t understand why her credit card had been declined . . . so she got out of her car and went into the office with the scarred faced man.

The man was very excited and had a difficult time talking — perhaps from the accident that scarred his face . . . When he grabbed her arm . . . the young woman jerked away and ran out of the office and into her car and drove off as fast as she could. 

She saw some movement in the backseat . . . there was a man with an axe . . . That was the last thing she saw . . . 

Evidently the man at the gas station was trying to warn her . . . 


With the recipe books above, you can create an assortment of S’Mores and also create some of your own.

It’s always fun to gather up other ingredients you may find that would go well with chocolate and marshmallows.

You may want to add different candy pieces . . . maybe some nuts . . . or crushed up cookies . . .

Are you thinking of different combinations?

I remember a long time ago how when one was to host a party, there needed to be a blend of sweet and salt . . .

That may sound disgusting, but please allow me to explain . . .

You should have a bowl of something sweet — candy of some sort . . . and a bowl of nuts or chips or that Chex Mix . . . or maybe even Cheetos or t

hose cheese fishes . . .

It’s just a choice thing as I understand it.

The same can definitely be done when you create your own S’Mores . . . Just remember that not all combinations will be a pleasing taste sensation . . .

Thanks for stopping by!!