For Many Of Us, Spring Is On The Way

    I’ve been thinking of Easter and have already given you some crafts to do.

    I do love winter and all the fun things associated with special holidays . . . but spring has Easter and some fun activities to do. It is nice to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

    When I was growing up, I loved playing croquet.

    It was fun for the whole family and to play with the neighborhood kids. I would sometimes set it up and play by myself. Before long someone would come and ask to play. I know it isn’t usually a solo game, but it works when you want to practice.

    This is a quality set that will last for years. It’s from Crown Sporting Goods and is a set for 6 players. It comes with:

    • 2 21 inch hardwood stakes
    • 9 vinyl-coated wickets
    • 6 polymer balls
    • 6 32 inch hardwood mallets with rubber caps
    • A black zip-up carrying case for storage and easy transport

    This is great to play at home or on a picnic or at the park. It’s family fun in the sun. I do like this set.

    Here are some other games you may find fun to play:

    Bocce Ball, Horseshoes and Ring Toss are all best sellers for outdoor sports. Having these games, plus croquet set up will make a fun day of activities for your next backyard bar-be-que.

    This truly makes spring wonderful . . . getting a head start on firing up the BBQ.

    I do hope this review was helpful and gave you some ideas to share with sunshine with family and friends.

    Thanks for stopping by!