Do You Believe It?

Yes, the webinar I attended was 5 hours long with a 10 minute break.webinars v2

There was time for questions and answers and clarification. That ate up some of the time, yet it was full of useful information. And my conclusion . . .

I’m going back to how it was before with a focus on holidays and crafts and whatever interests and amuses me.

I was leaning in that direction, but this webinar basically told me it was for the best . . . and my stats weren’t all that wonderful. That may have had some bearing on my decision.

I’m a blogger and TwoCansOnAString.comĀ is actually my favorite blog. But lately I wasn’t feeling that great about it.

This webinar also showed me how I do need to eliminate a few more blogs. It’s difficult to have so many of them and add to them regularly. So I’ve been messing up by splintering my focus.

It was interesting to learn that some people started a website not out of their passion, but because they thought they should do it in a particular way. That’s basically what happened to me with the changes I made.

Well, I found it wasn’t working for me . . . and obviously for you . . . so I’m back to doing my own thing and seeing if I can get you back or get a whole bunch of new people. I’m not claiming it will be “better.” It will be what I do and what I’ve done over the past year or so.

I want to just have fun again. That will make it enjoyable for all concerned.

Too Much Information

When I learn something new . . . it usually contradicts something I’ve learned . . . and I need to look at why it’s this way. Was there a change or is this a different type of blog?

Well, it is a different type of blog.

Quite honestly, it is the type of blog everyone on-line should strive to have, but that’s my opinion which may not be worth all that much.

All I know is that what I was doing wasn’t working and I’m going to go back to my own concept of what blogging is to me here at

Since This Is A New Post For Getting Back To Normal

I was thinking about a fun project the whole family would enjoy.candycanesnowman2

A picture basically says it all. So you decide what you’ll need to make them. This is going to be your family project.

You decide upon the size of candy cane, the size of marshmallows — I was thinking of using one of those jumbo marshmallows for the body and a regular sized one for the head.

In the picture the hat is a Hershey’s Kiss, but I was thinking of a Rolo or a mini Peanut Butter Cup. There’s the Twizler type of scarf you could make from a fruit roll up. Then add branch arms using a creative mix of Twizlers.

There’s M & M’s for the buttons, but you can use what you want. Also black frosting gel for the eyes and orange frosting gel for the nose. And some white frosting to stick the hat, eyes, nose and buttons on the marshmallows.

I think I pretty much have it covered, but you may have other ideas of your own.

It’s interesting to see what your kids create. They’re always better than what we think.

They can be eaten “as is” or dunked in hot chocolate. That should be a deliciously gooey mess that will delight the eye and the taste buds.

Enjoy this fun recipe for these delightful Snowmen On A Candy Cane.