Too Often Our Thoughts Aren’t For Our Benefit

I’ve had days when I’d rather stay home than run errands.Bestthoughts

I was sitting and thinking about all the things I needed to do. Then, I suddenly got up, walked out the door, into my car and drove off. It seemed as though my thoughts were leading me in the direction I needed to go in order to get the various tasks accomplished.

I had a good morning, taking care of things I’d put off . . . just because my thoughts weren’t working with me.

Yes, it was cloudy and wet . . . but, quite honestly, I didn’t notice it. I was on a mission.

Sometimes we do need to let go of our imagined fears and move past them.

I found this great site where you can make an envelope and fill it with Best Thoughts. There are some you can print out and there are some that are blank so you can write out your own Best Thoughts.

They could be favorite quotes or Bible Verses. They could even be affirmations you find uplifting. It’s about allowing your mind to get you out of a rut . . . of deciding to not let troubles and sorrows get you down. This may allow you to think on the more positive side . . . your troubles and sorrows won’t disappear over night . . . but how you perceive them may . . . maybe not overnight, but with persistence . . . soon.

Some may believe this is magical thinking. In a way, I suppose it is. We dwell on things . . . some good and others . . .

Our thoughts help us make decisions . . . getting down to the basics of the situation, rather than all the extras that are there complicating it.

I was watching a movie about a woman who reached a cross roads . . . she was given an opportunity to teach at a prestigious college and have her book published. When this opportunity was presented to her, she also received a proposal of marriage from her long-term boyfriend.

She met him for dinner. She was bursting with news . . . and he was concentrating on his proposal and the life they would share together.

Well, in the movies there is conflict, otherwise there wouldn’t be a story. And in the story, it was all figuring out what to do . . .

There are ways of approaching such a situation . . . and there are many movies with this theme . . . either the man or the woman is given an opportunity of a lifetime . . .

These cards may allow you to think through your priorities without hurting anyone or yourself in the process.

There are many lessons to learn in life . . . many opportunities lost . . . many taken, leading to others . . . or to heartbreak . . .

Life is full of those ups and downs.

It may be worthwhile to sit quietly each day with Best Thoughts to help you either through those downs or assist you in preventing unnecessary ones.

It’s worth a try . . . just click here and you can print out the envelop and the cards . . . and print out plenty of the blank ones to write out your own best thoughts . . .

I find those to be more meaningful to me.

And these may be helpful to a friend . . . it wouldn’t hurt to share this with them.

Until next time,