Isn’t it amazing the things you can buy to create tasty treats for your lovable pets. I just about fell out of my chair when I was looking online for a product to share with you here. Of course, my precious Diva is on my mind 24/7. I do buy gourmet dog treats for her, but I would like to put together a recipe of things I know she likes and have a fresh supply handy. 

I do want to caution you about the recipes in the booklet that comes with this Bow Wow treat maker — don’t feed your dog garlic — it is toxic to them! Just because the recipe comes with this product, do your research. Don’t trust just any dog treat recipe. Ask your vet.

The thing is, you’re making these dog treats from scratch. It’s like making cookies, a bone shaped cookie cutter is included. Yes, that does mean rolling out the dough. If you have a batter, you could pour it into the maker, but don’t fill it or you’ll make a huge mess as it spills over.

This is a good product that allows you to not turn on your oven to make up a batch or two of doggy treats.

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