These Vintage Recipes Are Great!VintageHalloween

Well, let’s see what else I can add. I’m truly excited about getting into the Halloween Spirit!!!

Oh No!!! Not Voodoo Sugar Cookies!!!! Oh yes, I do believe so!!!voodoocookies

Just use your favorite cookie recipe — could be sugar cookies or any cookie flavor variety of your choice. You’ll need a large gingerbread man cookie cutter and then bake according to package or recipe directions and decorate with the kids using all kinds of those squeezable frosting tubes. And you can use some candies, too. It should be a fun afternoon creative session.

Check out the picture to get your creativity into gear. You could do the voodoo thing or the zombie thing or whatever Halloween thing you and your kids can imagine. Looks like we do have a couple of mummies. These are quite frightening, but you can cute them up a bit or make them really scary.