Celebrity Ghost Stories

Too often we go about our normal routine, not realizing that we have ghosts among us . . . Getting a cold chill out of nowhere — Seeing movement out of the corner of your eye — Smelling something that has no physical reason for being in the room . . . Objects being moved . . . That sense of being watched . . .

How Open Are You About The Paranormal?

I doubt I’d mention to others that I believed there was a ghost in my room . . . It should be a natural thing. Many people have had paranormal experiences. They, unfortunately won’t talk about them — or roll their eyes if you mention it . . . We don’t want people to make fun of us . . . However, we know the truth!!

It’s quite brave of these celebrities to discuss their paranormal experiences. The more people who do, the more we’ll feel comfortable about it.

I’ve had experiences where objects have been moved — even pictures have fallen from the wall. I believe we have spirits among us that are letting us know they are watching over us.

But What About A Dark Entity — One That Means To Harm Us?

It may be time to reach out to someone who knows about such things to help us . . . It’s important to protect ourselves — there is evil . . .

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Tastes, Sights And Sounds Of Summer

For Me, The Taste Of Summer Is A Cool Refreshing Root Beer Float.

Yet with the crackle of an open fire, I immediately think of s’mores … 

Then comes the image of shadowy figures … perhaps a ghost … and then the hum of voices as the telling of ghost stories begins … and the screams of those who got the wits scared out of them … then the laughter …

Summer is fun and perhaps a bit magical when shared with family and friends.

I Have Fond Memories Of Having Root Beer Floats On My Grandmother’s Front Porch During The Summer.

It was something I always looked forward to … but the real fun was when my brother and I were sent to bed and we’d sneak upstairs and sit on the window seat in one of the front bedrooms and with the window open could hear the ghost stories told by the adults on the front porch.

I suppose they thought such stories inappropriate for children … and sometimes they were … but I’d never tell what we heard … until now …

My father was talking about a summer evening on the ranch where he grew up … He remembered reading a book while he was doing the watering of the grapefruit grove … He heard something off in the distance and went to investigate, The dogs were barking and must have scared off whatever it was.

That evening, he remembered his book. It must have fallen out of his pocket. Well it was dark outside and he debated whether to go out for his book or wait until morning … but he did want to continue reading before going to bed, so he ventured out in the dark with a lantern to light his way. He was hoping one of the dogs would join him, but they were busy either chewing on a bone or sleeping.

My dad ventured out to the grove, trying to remember where he was when he heard the noise and must have dropped his book … There was a slight breeze that hummed through the trees … It was kind of spooky … but he was on a mission to find his book …

He did see a man standing there … at first he thought it was his dad checking on the grove and whether my dad did his job of watering … but when he approached the figure … it floated away to another row of trees … 

My dad called out, “Did you find my book? I must have dropped it when I was out here earlier.”

There was no response. He knew it wasn’t his dad because he was smoking his pipe on the porch when he went out. He was talking with some neighbors who had stopped by.

He believed he saw a ghost … and was determined to follow it … maybe it would lead him to his lost book. My dad had lots of paranormal experiences while growing up. 

There was a shout, but my dad couldn’t quite make it out … he thought it was the ghost telling him he found the book … but my dad had ventured out farther than the grapefruit grove found an old abandoned well … He called down into it, “Anybody there?” and it echoed back at him giving him a cold chill down his back. He swore the echo said, “Come down and join us.”

Forgetting all about his lost book he ran back to the house. He got into bed and tried to go to sleep … he remembered leaving his lantern near the old abandoned well. 

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Did You Hear That?

Jill was attending a party with some of her co-workers.

She was fascinated by the house more than mingling with the party attendees.

There was an elderly man sitting at the top of the stairs.

“This is a lovely old house,” Jill said, hoping to learn more about it.

“Yes, it is. It’s been in my family for generations, but my grandson, Jerod, doesn’t seem to like it much. He’d be comfortable in an apartment . . . which I just may get for him.” The elderly man drifted off in thought.

Jerod, who was Jerod? Jill wondered. She went in search of him when she suddenly heard, “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!”

Jill and three others promptly ran for the door . . . but the majority of the party guests continued talking, laughing and drinking.

Jill left the party with her three new friends. They stopped at a coffee shop to discuss their experience. Evidently, they were the only ones who heard the old gentleman’s request.

Jill told them about talking with the elderly man at the top of the stairs.

“Jill, I saw you standing at the top of the stairs . . . talking to yourself. There was no elderly gentleman.”

“He told me he was Jerod’s grandfather.”

“Jerod’s grandfather has been dead for 20 plus years.”

Jill realized she was talking to a ghost. She was getting those side-eyed glances people give you when you talk about ghosts and hauntings and such.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Jill demanded. “What made you run to the door? You heard it, too, didn’t you?”

They slowly agreed, but that was different from conversing with a ghost . . .

Jill thought about it over the weekend. She did some research on the house and Jerod’s family history.

Monday morning she was ready to find Jerod and receive an explanation.

Well, she found that Jerod was no longer working . . . he had been confined to a wheel chair after being hit crossing the street. He was currently residing in a nursing home.

After work Jill went to pay him a visit.

She learned that Jerod’s younger brother worked at the office in the mail room. He was looking after the house until Jerod could return home. He was supposed to be making it handicap ready instead of throwing parties.

Jill, told him about meeting his grandfather and hearing him bellow from the top of the stairs to get out.

“Oh, so you heard it, too!!  Did you hear anything else . . . the women talking in the kitchen . . . the bouncing ball in the driveway . . . “

Everyday after work, Jill went to visit Jerod. They spoke of other things besides his grandfather.

Jerod’s physical therapy was going well and soon he would be out of his wheel chair and walking with crutches and later with a cane.

They eventually married and moved into the lovely old house along with the resident ghosts . . . and may I add . . . they all lived happily . . .

This was a fun Real Ghost Story!

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Are You Followed By A Ghost?

Some people seem to be plagued by a ghost that follows them around for years.

Why is this?

I usually think it could be a relative, but I’ve found it has more to do with the positive or negative energy one gives off that attracts spirits to them.

I feel very fortunate to have family spirits around me. I also have some who just like my energy and stop by from time to time to see what’s going on. They’ll play with the lights by turning them on and off, just to let me know they are there.  Sometimes a door will open and close. Nothing creepy or weird about it, at least not in my house.

Linda had the spirit of her best friend’s father visiting her regularly.

“My friend, Susan, and I were inseparable growing up. When her father died suddenly from a ruptured brain aneurysm he would visit in spirit form regularly at my house.”

Susan lived with her mother, but she didn’t have the same experiences at home as she did at Linda’s house.

Linda’s parents didn’t like the lights, television, computers, microwave, etc. turning on and off at odd hours of the day and night. They consults ghost hunters to assist them in solving their problem.

Yes, it was Susan’s father. They never did figure out why he would be at their house rather than their own.

Linda’s family moved several times, but Susan’s father followed them each time.

When Linda’s father got a promotion to move to another state, he thought this would sever the tie, his daughter had with Susan and her father, but it didn’t.

They consulted a psychic to find out what was going on with Linda’s connection to Susan’s father.

All the polite things were discussed between the psychic and Susan’s father. After that was exhausted and the psychic pressed him for an explanation, he admitted he was in love with Linda’s mother.

This didn’t set well with Linda’s parents. They were both kind to Susan and her father, but Linda’s mother never encouraged him in any way.

The psychic encouraged him to move on and leave Linda and her parents alone.

This worked out well for many years, until Linda went to college. There he was again, messing with electronic devices.

Linda lost touch with Susan after they moved out-of-state and found out her father’s love for Linda’s mother.

It seemed he continued to play out his fantasy of Linda, not Susan being his daughter. It may have been the confusion from his brain aneurysm.

Linda wanted to be kind to the confused ghost, but she also didn’t want to encourage him. She consulted a psychic to get him to move on. This worked for several years until she was expecting her first child.

Linda was afraid that Susan’s father’s spirit would go into her unborn child.

Linda’s husband thought she was crazy, but went along with his wife’s wishes. They had the house blessed and the unborn child blessed. Linda wanted to have a barrier between her family and that of Susan’s father’s spirit.

The birth of Linda’s son, was a spiritual experience.

Priests were present as was a psychic and family members. They were to be a barrier against Susan’s father’s spirit and Linda’s son.

Linda’s fears were proved accurate when the lights flickered in the delivery room. Doors rattled. The prayer group held fast to their task of keeping the unwanted spirit at bay. Many were pushed, hit and kicked, but they continued praying.

When they heard Linda’s son crying, they didn’t stop praying.

“My mother and father heard a loud pop, so did the psychic,” Linda said. “Then they saw a white light that almost blinded them. As they squinted, they saw the silhouette of a man walk into the light.”

Susan’s father finally gave up and went into the light.

Linda and her new family have had no paranormal experiences in their home. She is now the proud mother of three healthy sons.

It’s always nice to have a happy ending to a paranormal experience and it’s fortunate for Linda that it didn’t pass on to another generation.

Well … that was interesting,

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Haunted House By The Railroad Tracks

Here’s a true story about a haunted house by the railroad tracks. 

I love haunted house stories, but add the railroad tracks and I’m thrilled. I do love old railroad tracks and railroad depots. I love model railroad trains. There is just something extremely special about them. It may be all the old movies I saw or old books I read as a kid, or that my grandmother’s house had the railroad tracks and depot beyond her backyard. I loved climbing on the fence to wave at the conductor when he’d pull into the station. It was a thrill I’ve never forgotten. This is where my brother taught me to climb the old walnut tree in the backyard, but the conductor couldn’t see me, so I’d hang on the fence. We’d also have a great view from the back upstairs bedroom window, but I preferred the fence.

Was my grandmother’s house haunted? Is this a story about that? No, this was just an introduction. I have shared some experiences about my grandmother and her sister, but this isn’t my story, it’s from JoAnne who came to the coffee shop one morning to share her story.

The house came alive at night.

That was an excellent opening that got everyone’s attention right from the start. When JoAnne was a child, she and her mother would visit her Aunt Louise and cousin Sadie. They had great fun together and were almost like sisters.

At breakfast one morning, Aunt Louise whispered to her sister Martha, I heard it again last night. There was a bouncing ball on the stairs and she heard a man yell, “Billy, stop bouncing that ball down the stairs, you’ll break the window.”

Martha was uncomfortable talking of ghosts in front of JoAnne, but Sadie didn’t seem to be bothered or traumatized by living in a haunted house. Nevertheless, Martha said it must be the train rattling the whole house when it came by. It was all she could think of to say since she didn’t hear the bouncing ball or the man shout out.  The house was well insulated and some distance from the tracks, but if you listened, you could hear the train whistle while it passed to warn travelers when it crossed the road down the street. JoAnne always found the sound comforting.

She asked her cousin if the house was haunted and she answered in the affirmative. She saw a woman in her bedroom a few times looking for something. At first, she thought it was a burglar and shouted out to her mom, but when she came in the room and turned on the light, no one was there. Her father, Uncle Fred, looked throughout the house and checked the windows and the doors, but nothing was there. Sadie remembered seeing her several more times and finally she stopped coming, but there were others.

JoAnne was intrigued and wanted to see a ghost. They thought they arrived on the train. At one time the old house was a boarding house a several decades before they moved in. Neighbors spoke of all the interesting people who stayed at the boarding house for one night or longer. There was a wedding there once and one elderly woman did die in her sleep in one of the middle bedrooms with windows on the side of the house. One particular neighbor claimed to see a woman looking out the window.

JoAnne had to check that out, but never saw anyone in the window, but she did see shadowy figures in the stairway when she looked through the large window on the other side of the house.

A few years later, JoAnne and her mother moved into the old haunted house near the railroad tracks.

JoAnne’s father was a traveling salesman and was in a serious accident. He was in the hospital for several weeks, but didn’t survive the internal injuries he suffered and never awoke from the coma due to the head injuries sustained in the accident.

It was a sad day when they arrived. Sadie was welcoming and for a few months the girls shared a room before JoAnne decided to move into the room next door overlooking the front of the house.

JoAnne’s mother moved into one of the middle bedrooms. Her aunt and uncle had the master suite at the back of the house.

There were six bedrooms upstairs with three bathrooms, not counting the one in the master suite. There were two bedrooms downstairs with an adjoining bathroom. There was a full basement that had old furniture and numerous boxes filled with a variety of items. No one went into the basement and no one spoke of the basement. One of the downstairs bedrooms was used as Uncle Fred’s office and the other was Aunt Louise’s sewing and craft room. The two remaining upstairs bedrooms were guest rooms available for visiting relatives.

JoAnne became aware of the noises outside her bedroom door and the sound of the bouncing ball on the stairs. She remembers it was a Saturday night, just about a week after she moved into a room of her own that she heard the breaking of glass. “Now you’ve done it!” she heard a man’s voice boom. Joanne slipped under the covers and tried to cover her ears. The fearful cries and screamed that came from the child brought goose bumps to her arms. She wanted to help, but was too afraid to leave the security of her bedroom.

She listened to see if her mother, aunt or uncle would investigate, but no one seemed to hear what she did. She heard what she believed to be the basement door open and slam closed, then the bolt slide into place. “Stay there until I calm down,” the man said. Then she heard the back door open and close.

JoAnne knew the child, the bouncing ball and the man were ghosts that had been there for a long time, but this was different.

She went downstairs and opened the basement door.

Old furniture and boxes were scattered around the basement. She was afraid to go down into the basement alone, so she closed and bolted the door before returning to her room.

At breakfast she shared her experience of the night before. Uncle Fred told her never to go down into the basement again. JoAnne had never seen her uncle angry before.

At church a few hours later, she couldn’t sit still and slipped out the back to walk in the garden and cemetery a short distance from the church. It was quiet and peaceful.

“You staying at the old Corwin place?” an old man asked.

“I’m staying with my Aunt Louise and Uncle Fred,” she answered.

“Yes, that’s the old Corwin place.”

JoAnne thought their conversation was over when he asked, “Any strange things going on over there?”

She knew exactly what he meant and told him of her experience and how angry her uncle became when she told him she opened the basement door.

“Aw, the basement,” the old man said and walked away.

JoAnne didn’t follow the old man. Part of her wanted to know about the basement and another part didn’t. She wanted to forget the whole thing ever happened.

Activity escalated in the old house.

JoAnne thought it was her fault for opening the basement door. Her mother found a furnished apartment they could move in during the following week. Her mother was working and felt it was time for them to have a place of their own.

They had just gotten settled into their apartment when Sadie called and asked her Aunt Martha to come to the house. Something terrible had happened.

Sadie had attended summer church camp that weekend and when no one came to pick her up, she decided to walk home. When she got there, the house was dark and she found both her mother and father at the bottom of the basement stairs.

Martha called the police and they waited out on the front porch.

After the funeral and the reading of the will, Sadie gathered up the remaining clothes and personal items and walked out of the house for the last time.

Fred and Louise left the house and all their belongings to Martha. Sadie could choose to live with her Aunt Martha or her Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ralph in Kentucky. After dinner at the apartment, Sadie left with her aunt and uncle.

JoAnne was afraid of the old house, but she and her mother moved back in.

They cleaned the house from attic to basement. They had a huge yard sale. They had a priest bless the house. They donated some of the old records and photographs of the house and families that left albums in the basement to the historical society.

There didn’t seem to be anything unusual about the basement. Sadie had remarked about hearing chains rattling down there, but no one dared go in there to investigate. That’s why it was so strange for Louise and Fred to be found down there.

The old man JoAnne met at the church cemetery came for a visit about a month later to see how they were getting along. JoAnne asked him about the basement.

He explained that in the 1950’s the house belonged to a couple with a small boy. The couple were a bit strange. They practiced some kind of black magic and had several people staying there that shared their interests.

“Something was always going on there at night and lasted until just before dawn.” He paused for a minute then continued. “That big window was broken in the stairwell I noticed one day and asked the man if he needed help fixing it. He said it didn’t need fixing and told me to mind my own business. After that, the place was empty, but a neighbor complained of hearing a child crying. The police found nothing except some cats behind the house and thought that was what the neighbors had heard.”

“Later there was a stench about the place and the police were called again. They entered through the broken window and discovered the little boy chained to the wall, dead.”

The house remained empty for quite awhile, then someone fixed up the old place and sold it. People lived in the house for awhile and then moved out. It was sold about a dozen times before Louise and Fred bought it.

What lured them to their deaths in the basement remains a mystery. Sadie still blames JoAnne and Aunt Martha for the death of her parents. She’s happy in Kentucky with her father’s brother and his wife and three boys. Did opening the basement door escalate the haunting activity? It seemed to stem more from what Louise and Fred were doing than with opening the basement door. They were practicing some black magic that got out of hand. They found some old books they’d been reading before Martha and JoAnne arrived. Every evening they’d go down in the basement and perform their rituals. The residual ghosts of the previous residents replayed the bouncing of the ball and the breaking of the window. JoAnne believes it was a warning to her to make her aware of what was going on in the basement. Fred’s anger was due to the possibility of JoAnne learning what he and his wife were doing in the basement during full moons and solstices.

This was discovered when Martha and JoAnne cleaned the basement.

JoAnne soon grew to love the old house. Yes, it is haunted, but those who haunt the house cause no trouble. There’s a ghostly priest who comes by in the evening, but several ghostly nuns stay there. At night they hear prayers. It is as comforting as the train whistle she hears in the distance.

Was that creepy enough for you?

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Is There A Difference Between A Ghost And A Spirit?

I enjoy having interesting discussions with my ghost hunting friends.

We had a lively discussion and finally settled on ghosts are tied to a particular location and spirits are free to roam as in the expression “free spirit.”

Now that I think of it, there were ghosts at my parent’s old place that seemed to belong there. They were primarily in the yard. They didn’t follow them when they moved, but the new owner  complained about lights turning on and off and the electric bill being more expensive each month.

I doubt these ghosts went inside to cause problems for the new owners. I believe the new owners brought their own spirits with them. Or attracted new ones.

The house was located approximately 5 miles away from a hospital and there was a cemetery across the street from the hospital.

I know I’ve had spirits trying to come home with me after visiting someone in the hospital or cemetery. I’ve had to be very firm with them to stay where they were and to not follow me home.

I have heard that spirits feed off the electrical system.

My cousin has seen her deceased father in her car waiting for her when she’s shopping at night. It’s comforting for her to know he’s still around to look out for her, but she has had to charge her battery regularly or replace it before the warranty is up. She has had the car checked to see why the battery is being drained, but there is no mechanical explanation.

There is always a fear that spirits will follow you home.

Many times they do, but we must not invite them to do so, unless you want to. The problem is most of us don’t know what we’re inviting in. Too often what we believe to be children turn out to be demons that create all kinds of problems.

I had once been of the belief of allowing ghosts and spirits to stay where they are, but when they impact my life in unpleasant ways, I have been forced to send them on their way elsewhere. Preferably “into the light.”

There can be ghosts, demons and spirits in antiques and old homes.

There is plenty of old haunted stuff out there waiting to be picked up by someone and brought into their homes. I have a friend who picked up an interesting piece of wood that was once part of a picket fence in front of an old house that was being demolished. He had it in his car and pretty much forgot about it, but he was getting speeding tickets, parking tickets and also had people running into him. He attributed it to that old piece of wood.

He later put that piece of wood in his yard to stake up a rose bush. It wasn’t long that sprinklers would turn on and off, he had a couple of pipes burst because of high water pressure and the rose bush died — some may believe from over watering or lack of watering which is possible, but he believes it had to do with that old haunted piece of wood he picked up.

This can be true of many things that one finds.

I found an odd coin that I believed to be lucky, but it was anything but.  My lucky day was when I lost it.

To tell you the truth, I was tempted to leave it some place for someone else or even throw it out, but I kept it thinking I would do some research on it — of course, I never did. I only hope whoever has it now is having better luck with it than I did and has taken the time to research it.

I hope this article was helpful and informative or got you thinking of some of your own personal experiences involving ghosts and spirits. I’d love to hear about them.

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