Haunted Museum

As I was taking my barrels out to the curb in front of my house earlier today, I could hear voices. None of my neighbors seemed to be out … other barrels were out … I couldn’t understand why I was hearing talking. This got me thinking about Mike’s real ghost story when he was working at a museum.

Art Museums are well known for the portraits and the comments of how the eyes seem to follow you. It does give you an uncomfortable feeling after awhile, but when there is a conversation going on when the room is supposed to be empty adds a whole new dimension to this room of portraits.

Mike worked at a museum.

He would conduct tours, but late at night when he was making his rounds to hurry along stragglers he would hear strange sounds. Sometimes there were footsteps echoing along the corridors. Other times he would hear conversations in hushed tones. He tried to make sense of it. He joined one of the security guards one night to make sense out of the sounds he heard.

Pete, the security guard, was interested in the paranormal. He showed Mike a security recording he found interesting. On Mike’s last tour, there was an apparition of a woman following him. Mike was unaware of her at the time. They went through other tapes and found the same ghostly figure following behind Mike. She appeared in the lobby where the tour started. She would appear in other parts of the museum, too on other days.

They tried to get a clear picture of who this ghostly woman was, but had no luck.

After midnight Mike and Pete conducted an experiment with the Ouija Board.

They wanted to contact this woman to learn who she was and why she was following Mike day after day.

It took several tries with no results. They decided to call in a professional psychic to hold a séance. They had to get permission and they also had to show the administrators the security tapes of the apparition that followed Mike around. None of the other museum staff seemed to have a ghost attached to them. They did get permission to hold a séance in the museum with a number of staff members and administrators who wanted to participate. Coordinating schedules was a problem, but several months later they were able to get together with the psychic to hold the séance.

The night of the séance everyone was excited in anticipation of finding out the identity of this ghostly apparition.

The museum administrator set up a buffet table to allow everyone to eat before or after the séance. There were no alcoholic beverages. This was to allow everyone to relax a little and mingle with the psychic before the séance. It was a nice touch for everyone to be comfortable around each other.

Before the séance began, there was the faint echo of footsteps and whispering down one of the corridors. They thought there could be more than one ghost haunting the museum.

During the séance there were many spirits in attendance. Mike’s ghost did appear towards the end. She told of her story of always coming to the museum with her father since she was a little girl and later with him with her children. As time passed and the passing of her father, the growing up of her children and moving away, she would pass the time by visiting the museum from time to time. She was pushed down the steps one day on her way out. She had been in a coma for quite some time from the head trauma and died. She was at the museum trying to find her father — maybe he was there looking for her.

When asked why she attached herself to Mike, she said she just liked him and wanted to be consistent in her search for her father. She wanted to crossover, but didn’t know how to do so and the other spirits in the museum weren’t interested in helping her.

It was a beautiful ending to the séance when the psychic was able to bring the father and daughter together and experience her crossing over. The candles flickered and everyone heard her say, “Thank you.”

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Haunted Ouija Board

I don’t use a Ouija board or have one in my home.

I believe they are a portal to trouble. There are many who agree with me and, of course, there are those who do not. It’s fine to have your own beliefs. Just as we’ve all had our own experiences.

And, since it is getting close to Halloween, there will be many having parties and a Ouija Board or two will make an appearance … Or it will be hush-hush and some will be invited to “play” after the party.

Whatever you believe, as I said earlier is your business …

As you can see from the vintage advertisement, Ouija boards have been around for a long time. It was introduced as a parlor game, as  merely an item to amuse your guests.

Over the years the Ouija board has been sold in toy stores and occult stores. You can buy them on-line or find them just about everywhere. I’ve seen them in trash barrels and also pitched outside.  I don’t know if someone had a bad experience or they thought it would be funny to have a Ouija board cast out on their front lawn — maybe to see if anyone would take it home.

And, there have been those who make their own to use . . . I’ve seen them made from pizza boxes and strips of paper . . . shot glasses have been used as the  planchette.

But … we must now get to our real ghost story …

Lyle loaned his Ouija Board to a Goth Group from 2009 to 2017.

When it was returned to him, he believed it was haunted with a variety of spirits. He first recalled hearing noises:  knockings, bells, chimes, scratching, cards being shuffled, nibbling — as a rat chewing on paper, coins being dropped and growls. He also noticed items disappearing and then reappearing in places where he had previously searched.

He left it on his coffee table since its return and a neighbor reported hearing loud poundings, screams and what she believed was a heavy metal band rehearsing. There were guitar riffs that were repeated over and over again and drum rolls.

Over time Lyle could feel the presence of someone watching him while he was in bed. He thought it was an old man wearing a hood and by his side as an old woman, also hooded. He also heard what sounded like a chorus of children singing nursery rhymes, but they weren’t any nursery rhymes he remembered. He found the Ouija board would move around and set itself up in other locations. He started experiencing headaches and weakness which made him tired all of the time.

Lyle eventually threw the Ouija board out in the trash . . . only to have it set up again in his house.

This made the activity escalate. He would find large blood splotches on the Ouija board. He could feel cold spots in various places around the board. He also thought he saw an ectoplasmic mist coming out of it. He was becoming frightened to have it in his home, but also felt as though he couldn’t get rid of it.

Lyle never used it, even when he first acquired it. He bought it and loaned it to friends. His original idea was to have it out as a conversation piece. But now, his friends avoided him. They didn’t visit him — nor was he invited to their homes. When he’d see friends at a local bar, restaurant or around town they moved away from him. Even when he’d call out to them, they wouldn’t aciknowledge him, but walk swiftly away. Some old friends told him to leave them alone.

He was so disgusted with how this Ouija board ruined his life that he burned it. He thought the ashes wouldn’t be able to put themselves back together.

Everything was going well for a few days until his nephew brought him a Ouija board.

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House Sitting

When I was in high school I made extra money house sitting or pet sitting. I liked this better than sitting with kids. The hours were more flexible.

A friend of my parents sold real estate and would get these jobs for me from time to time.

The money was good for the small amount of work I was to do. And, it was kind of nice to be able to spend nights away from home.

My friends thought it would be fun to join me and have a lumber party, but I preferred to not let them know when I was house sitting. The job was not for me to hold parties in . . . just to stay a few nights to set the homeowner’s mind at ease that the house wasn’t empty and their pets would be fed and wouldn’t be alone.

I wasn’t prepared for the house or the rumors of the house that I was to go to.

The elderly woman was in the hospital. The sad truth was that she would probably not return home.  Her family was out of state and they were on their way, but wanted someone in the house until they arrived.  The dog was one of those small fuzzy things that needed constant attention.

When I arrived, “Baby” greeted me at the door. She had some dry food in a bowl and water.  There was a doggy door she used, so I was there for companionship and to feed her canned food in the morning.

I got my sleeping bag, pillow and school books out of the car along with a “care package” my mother packed for me with snacks, dinner and soft drinks. I made myself at home in the living room.  Baby sat on the sofa next to me.

I didn’t feel the need to go exploring around the house. I know my friends would have been snooping, but I wasn’t all that interested. My job was to house sit and take care of Baby.

While I sat there in the quiet house, I remembered the stories of the house being haunted.  It may have been just babblings from my friends trying to scare me. Of course, they had it on good authority that what they were saying was the absolute truth.  One’s Aunt Sally knew the woman, another’s mother knew her — they played bridge together.  One afternoon, so the story goes, these women heard sounds of someone walking up and down the stairs. They also felt as though someone walked into the room and was watching them.

Immediately, it was assumed it was the old woman’s dearly departed husband — Mr. Dailey

There was nothing actually scary in knowing that . . . just a bit creepy to think Mr. Dailey was still in the house — haunting it.

The more I thought about it, there seemed to be some comfort in knowing Mr. Dailey was still in residence — a resident ghost.

I had been there for about an hour when I heard the flip-flap of the doggy door.

Baby was asleep next to me. Then there was a clattering in the kitchen. I knew something had come in the doggy door and I had to get it out.

When I went into the kitchen, the water bowl and dry food had spilled on the floor, but there was no evidence of a stray cat or critter of any kind.  I searched the house and found nothing.

I cleaned up the mess and returned to the living room.

My books were dumped on the floor and Baby was on the floor staring at the sofa as though someone was sitting there.

I gathered up my books and notebook and moved to a chair. Baby settled on the footstool, still staring at the sofa.

I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. I thought someone was watching me. I turned on the television.

I was tempted to leave.  I also thought of calling some friends to come over and stay with me, but I knew I was being silly. I didn’t want them teasing me about being scared,   They would have left out the part that I was  in a haunted house.

I must have dozed off in the chair.

Around midnight I awoke to the sound of Baby running up and down the stairs. For an old dog she was going pretty fast. Then she would stop in front of the sofa and look at the invisible something and run up and down the stairs, run around the living room, into the kitchen and back up and down the stairs before returning to sit in front of the sofa.

She didn’t move a muscle. She just sat there staring.  Then she growled and lunged at something. Barking, she ran up the stairs chasing something.  I sit in the chair, listening to Baby bark, not eager to get up and investigate.

Thankfully, Baby stopped barking came downstairs and jumped up on the footstool and settled down to sleep like nothing happened.

I spread my sleeping bag on the sofa and kept a light on. I turned off the television, because I wanted to hear if anything was sneaking up on me.

I could hear Baby’s steady breathing and a cute little snore or two.

I began to relax. Then I heard footsteps pacing up and down in the room above the living room.

Then it sounded as though furniture was being moved.  There was some scuffling around . . . then the lamp in the living room went out.

Great, I thought, a burned out light bulb.  I rummaged in my purse for a small flashlight I kept in there for emergencies.

The noise upstairs got louder.  In the dark, it seemed to be louder than it probably was . . . nevertheless,  I was beginning to get scared.  I went into the kitchen to turn on that light, but it didn’t turn on.  Evidently the power was off.  There was no need for me to look for a light bulb. But I did look for a stronger flashlight and candles.

I found candles and candle holders and trivets to set them on. I wanted them around the living room so I would have enough light.  I watched the shadows of the flickering flames dance on the walls as I settled back into my sleeping bag.  The noise upstairs stopped and I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

I braced myself.  The dog was sound asleep on the footstool, big help she was. Then something flew from the stairs and hit the floor near the foot of the couch. Then there was another thud of something falling near the head of the couch.

I was relieved it didn’t hit me. For some strange reason, I had a feeling it wasn’t meant to hit me or even scare me.  I got up and found a Ouija Board at the foot of the couch and the planchette at the head.  I set it up on the coffee table, rearranging the candles slightly.

At the time, I wasn’t all that afraid of a Ouija Board. I just didn’t have any use for one . . . plus they never seemed to work for me.

The planchette started moving on its own, up and down, back and forth.  It seemed to be spelling out something, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what it had to say.

I heard the squeak of the springs in the chair.  I saw the indentation on the cushion as though someone was sitting in it.

I was thinking of grabbing Baby and going home.

I watched the planchette spell out “w – a – i – t” over and over again as though it read my mind.

I waited.  I watched the Ouija Board.  Nothing.

By now it was after three in the morning.  I knew my friends wouldn’t believe this and to be honest, I doubt I’d tell them.  The whole evening was just too unbelievable.

Then the planchette started moving slowly.  It spelled out “take care of baby.”

I then knew the elderly woman had passed.

I held on to Baby . . . more for my comfort than hers . . .

I stayed up the rest of the morning.  The house was quiet.  By daylight, I snuffed out the candles, put the Ouija Board away in the upstairs bedroom, and fed Baby.

The realtor knocked on the door around ten in the morning to tell me Mrs. Dailey passed about three that morning.

I dumbly nodded.  I was to remain in the house until the family arrived and then I could leave.

Fortunately, they arrived that evening.  I was torn between leaving Baby with them and asking if I could have her.  One of the relatives had a little girl that seemed to adore Baby, so I thought that was all right.

I wasn’t sure what Mrs. Dailey wanted me to do about Baby. I did take care of her until someone else was there to do so.

I was pretty much packed up when the relatives arrived. I kind of had the feeling I wouldn’t be spending another night in the house. The electricity was back on . . . the lamp in the living room did work . . . So I went home with a real ghost story.

I don’t know if the relatives heard anything strange . . . I just know the house was on the market for awhile . . . and the relatives didn’t stay around . . .

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Don’t Play With Ouija Boards

I don’t play with Ouija Boards . . . but for some strange reason I enjoy hearing the creepy experiences of others who have.

I seriously encourage you NOT TO PLAY WITH OUIJA BOARDS!!

Yes, we’ve all been warned . . . and some fool brings one to a party . . . and all heck breaks loose . . . or nothing happens at all . . .

Lori studied up on Ouija Boards . . . doing a prayer before contacting a spirit and being sure to say “good-bye” after the session.

Well . . . things didn’t go as Lori planned . . .

She wanted a bit of a “heads up” for an exam she was having at the end of week and decided to contact the Ouija Board . . . Maybe some spirit could look at the exam and tell her what areas to study . . . But, of course, Lori wasn’t satisfied by that . . . Yes, you guessed it, she wanted the questions and the answers.

I suppose this is no different than asking a psychic or a Ouija Board for the lottery numbers.

Plus, on many college campuses tests are sold . . . perhaps not the current test, but there are lots of tests that have circulated via former students in various classes.

All right, back to Lori and her Ouija Board session . . . 

She and a few of her fellow classmates, during a study session decided to consult the Ouija Board.

They did their prayer of protection and were very specific about the professor, the name of the class, the college they attended . . . all the important details about the test they sought to get.

Surprisingly, they did get some interesting information about specific questions. They knew they were studying the right stuff . . . but they were getting suspicious about one of Leon, accusing him of pushing the planchette.

Leon gladly stepped aside to give Rich a turn . . . and more questions were being uncovered . . . but this time the suspicions turned to Lori and Robin took her place.

They did receive a whole lot of questions and answers . . . nothing they didn’t know from their study sessions . . . but they knew there were going to be some essay questions which the Ouija Board spirit didn’t reveal.

They were going to have another study session that evening and ask the Ouija Board about it . . . but during the day Lori, Robin, Rich and Leon felt as though they were being watched. They also thought they were being followed. Out of the corner of their eye, they would see something . . . but when they turned their heads to look at it head on . . . nothing was there.

Robin, however, shared a strange creature she encountered with kind of a cupie doll shaped head, but not a cupie doll face. The face was scary . . . with dark menacing eyes that seemed to look though her and made her feel sick to her stomach.

The others thought she was just nervous and upset about their seeking the questions and answers to the test using the Ouija Board.

But they didn’t want to stop until they got those essay questions.

Yes, they did receive them . . . but that night they each experienced nightmares. Not those creepy ones, but something more sinister . . . a nightmare that told them they each had a task to do for the spirit in gratitude of his giving them the test questions . . . especially those essay questions.

Each member of the “study group” and those participating with the Ouija Board were also involved in a competitive activity — two were involved in sports, one in drama and another on the debate team. Their task was to knock out the best player, the lead actor and the best debater.

They decided they weren’t going to complete their task. They weren’t about to hurt anyone and they reasoned the spirit didn’t give them any information they didn’t already know from studying.

It began with Rich. He was on the wrestling team and during a practice session, he dislocated his shoulder and was going to need extensive surgery — perhaps even a shoulder replacement. Which pretty much knocked him out of the competition, plus also missing his exams.

Leon, Lori and Robin were not going to give the Ouija Board spirit credit for Rich’s injury and decided not to complete their tasks even when they received another nightmare with an additional task to complete.

Lori was feeling guilty for dragging the others into her Ouija Board experiment. She decided to help Robin by knocking out the top runner on the track team by knocking her down the stairs after their biology lab.

The corridors and stairways were always crowded. She thought she would push Melissa through an open spot on the stairs and fall down to the bottom breaking her leg . . . but instead of only breaking her leg . . . she suffered a severe brain injury.

Melissa didn’t die, but she was in a coma.

Lori felt awful about what she had done, but she felt confident no one saw her push Melissa. As it turned out, she was wrong. Several students reported Lori when the police came to investigate the incident. And there was a student who recorded the incident on his cell phone.

Lori was arrested . . . she wasn’t able to complete the tasks the spirit commanded her to do . . . plus Robin and Leon were given additional tasks.

Robin wasn’t going to compete in her track event, but she knew she couldn’t avoid it and tried to figure out how she could complete the tasks the spirit assigned to her.

On the bus ride, the bus driver got distracted by a swarm of bees that attacked him . . . thus losing control of the bus, hitting the guard rail and plunging down into the canyon below. All members of the track team were killed on impact except Robin who suffered from her legs being severed from above the knees.

She was near death when the rescue team came . . . Robin willed herself to die, but the spirit wasn’t finished with her yet.

Yes, another dream and another task, even though she, too, missed her exams.

And, Lori wasn’t left off the hook either . . . she had horrible nightmares and more tasks to complete as well.

This left Leon and the debate team. 

He had enough of this and took his own life by jumping from a bridge.

This seems like one of those urban legends warning of not playing with Ouija Boards . . . but it isn’t. It is a true story told by Lori’s sister.

Lori is still plagued with nightmares and additional tasks to complete by the spirit. She received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Plus, she pretty much went insane. Her sister believes she’s now possessed by the psychopathic Ouija Board spirit.

As for Robin . . . she is in a wheelchair and has started a ministry . . . she willed herself to die initially, but later prayed and promised to do positive work for those in need of spiritual guidance and financial assistance.

Rich is no longer wrestling, but he is a sports caster at a small radio station. He works at a youth center and warns anyone who will listen not to play with Ouija Boards.

Leon’s body was never recovered, his family is still searching for him. They have no idea of his Ouija Board experience . . . perhaps this suffering by his family is what the spirit rejoices in as Leon’s completion of his tasks.

I know it is a sick story. No one knows that they release when they consult a Ouija Board for personal gain or advice.

I suppose the truly sick thing about this story is how Lori and her “study group” didn’t need to cheat on their exams. They were studying and were prepared for all of their exams . . . not just the one they sought the Ouija Board for answers.

They knew they didn’t need the Ouija Board . . . but for some strange reason they proceeded . . .