Going Home For The Biggest Holiday Of The Year . . .

I’ve noticed Amazon Prime Video has been running Christmas movies since the summer. I don’t mind. It’s always nice to get a taste of the Christmas Spirit throughout the year.

Now, with Thanksgiving just around the corner and of course Christmas on its heels . . . we do need to get into the Christmas Spirit and begin our Christmas shopping and preparations . . . You can do that now, if you didn’t get started during the summer.

I am all for movies about people going home . . . and about authors . . . This movie has both and I did enjoy it. Some moments did make me cringe . . . Especially with the attitude of getting a story and not caring how it may affect others.

I suppose I can understand how important it is to get a best seller . . . But . . . at what cost . . . I can understand how someone can leave a hometown and make it in the big city and never look back. Perhaps even hold on to old hurts from their past . . .

This movie showed how our actions can affect others. It showed how the writer had a lot to learn about herself and those from her past . . . and perhaps future . . .

I’m not into spoilers, so I do encourage you to see Christmas On The Coast on Amazon Prime Video — or sign up for Amazon Prime.

I’ve Watched Quite A Few Christmas Movies Over The Past Few Days

I enjoyed all three of the above Christmas movies. Of the three, I’m torn between Christmas On The Coast and All Good Things . . . But Christmas Child was right in there, too. But I don’t want to disregard A Christmas In Vermont . . .

Of the four movies I’ve seen recently, I would have to say All Good Things was my favorite . . .

So much depends upon what you’re looking for in a movie. Mostly it is entertainment. Sometimes it is a message — maybe not consciously, but we’re looking for some sort of answer. 

A Christmas In Vermont is about a businesswoman who is sent to pretty much liquidate a struggling business. But, of course, once she gets there are meets the people and learns more about the business and the community . . . has a change of heart.

Christmas Child is about a man looking for his real family — he was adopted. It’s a good movie with some wonderful Christmas elements that are quite heartwarming.

All Good Things is about two girls who go to visit their grandparents on their horse ranch instead of their anticipated trip to Hawaii with friends.

But There Is Another Movie You Should See — It’s Not A Christmas Movie

Hidden Figures is about NASA and the need to get a man into space. And how important that was . . . and how ugly our society was towards women and African-American women in particular.

This is well worth watching to revisit history . . . 

I don’t want to be insensitive to anyone. I don’t get political. I just know as you know what is right and what is not. Things in the past, present, and hopefully not in our future . . . It all begins with being aware of the truth and where we stand.

I do hope you’ll watch one or more of these movies to get into the Christmas Spirit.

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