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The concept behind these goodie bags is to keep your guests entertained until the final countdown bag at midnight. That’s where you’ll find the noise makers and whatever grand finale you want to put in the bag for your guests to bring in the New Year!

The free printables clocks begin at 7, but you can begin your countdown at 9 or anytime, actually. It all depends upon how many goodies you’ve collected for your guests and when they may need a boost to remain awake until midnight.

I combine family game night with my countdown to midnight. I have plenty of snacks, hot chocolate and coffee prepared. We also tell ghost stories and do some reminiscing about the good times we’ve shared on other New Year’s Eves and dream a bit about the goals and expectations for the New Year.

One thing that is helpful is to have guests responsible for filling one countdown bag. It’s amazing what they find at craft stores, dollar stores, thrift shops and in bargain bins. Everyone contributes to the midnight bag as well. This adds to the excitement and the build up. 

This is a fun activity and every year it is different and fun.

Here’s the link to the Free Printable Clockfaces

Have a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!