Well, it is finally raining with the thunder rumbling in the background to make a wonderful background for my writing this Real Ghost Story about a creepy Friday Night Scare!!

This happened a few years ago, but it was a personal experience I’ll not soon forget.

I don’t like creepy experiences in or around my home . . . but it is what it is and I’m accepting it . . . but it doesn’t mean I have to like it 🙂

It was a Friday night the people who lived behind me were having a party with a live band.

It was loud, but I waited until after 10 PM before calling the police to have them quiet down. It was the strangest thing. I could see dark hooded entities hovering over the hedge that separated our yards. Plus there’s also a fence behind my hedge. One would think the hedge would cut down the noise, but I suppose it is just adding more privacy.

There were six hooded entities that hovered over the hedge as I was calling the nonemergency number for the police department. After my call, there were five still hovering. I did wonder what happened to the sixth one. I did notice they each carried something shiny — it may have been a knife. I just know it gave me an uneasy feeling.

I don’t know if it was the music or what this celebration was all about that my neighbors were holding. I just know that I didn’t like what was hovering over my hedge and I was beginning to not appreciate the neighbors who lived behind me.

I felt like I was playing out the Agatha Christy Ten Little Indians theme . . .  then there were none. The cloaked entities disappeared as time passed. I do have protection all around my house and within, but for some reason I was feeling uncomfortable with these entitles. I was thinking it was better seeing them than not seeing them.

I lit some candles on my patio and I got out my smudge stick and waved it around my yard with my prayers. Just because these entities were hooded, didn’t necessarily mean they were evil. It does make me wonder why they would be hooded and not showing themselves.

As I said earlier, it bothered me that they did disappear. Wasn’t that the idea? I felt like they were spying on me. It made me wonder if it’s better to see what you really don’t want to see than not see them at all. Kind of a weird concept, actually.

Eventually, the band turned down their amps and the party continued, but much quieter.

I sat on my patio, enjoying the evening. I didn’t see anything hovering in my yard.  It seemed calm and peaceful. I could hear talking, but wasn’t paying much attention to it.

Then there was screaming in the yard behind me. I also heard banging, crashes and more screams. There was a lot of noise, running feet and yelling from fear.

Evidently, neighbors on both sides and maybe beyond were concerned and the police were called again.

One neighbor told me that knives were being thrown and several were thrown in his yard. He didn’t appreciate it and called the police. Then he remarked about all the other noises and the screaming. The police came and the fire department with ambulances. It turned out to be a scene from some horror movie.

An elderly man rented the house with his grandson. It was his grandson’s birthday. The grandfather hired the band and caterers. It was a party that went south very quickly. Some neighbors asked them to turn down the music, but they didn’t. The old man tried to reason with them, but they locked him in his room.

By midnight, the party was out of hand and the kitchen was set on fire. Things were flying around the house. Many of the guests were hurt and running for their lives.

The house was a complete mess as was the yard.

The owners of the house came to access the damage. It was the talk of the neighborhood all weekend. The theme that was running through all the stories was that something was trying to kill them. The door to the grandfather’s room was splintered from the outside. All the metal handles and doorknobs were bent beyond recognition. All the doors and cupboard doors were barely hanging on their hinges. Windows were broken and food was thrown on the walls and the floor. Some knives were sticking out of the wall.

Was it the six entities I saw hovering over my hedge?

Did the music invite these entities or was it something else?

This is one of those experiences that doesn’t seem to have an explanation. None of the party participants shared what they were doing — if it was something to do with the paranormal. I know nothing about the band or the caterers. Nor the neighbors for that matter.

The grandfather is living with his son. The grandson was hospitalized with injuries from all the flying debris.

Even years later, this is a story shared in hushed tones. And, no one wants to believe it had anything to do with the paranormal . . . but I know better . . . even though the neighbors behind me don’t want to know.

The house behind me is still empty . . . or is it?

I haven’t seen the hooded figures . . . maybe they moved on with the band, the caterers or maybe the grandson . . . They could be in the house, but haven’t come outside beyond my fense and hedge. I do keep my distance . . . except when I walk around the block . . . but I’ve found I do walk swiftly by it . . . I keep my head down and look straight ahead. It does give off a negative vib . . .

I do thank you for stopping by and hope you’ll tell a friend or two about this website.