Halloween is always a fun time to make up favor boxes filled with sweet treats.

I’m always looking for some fun treat boxes to print out, cut out, assemble and fill will goodies.halloweencandycorntreatbag

These are great for parties and for your kids to give to friends and classmates. I like this design because it seems appropriate for all age groups and for those who may not share the ghoulishness of the Halloween season.

This is a clever way of wrapping up candy corn characters to adore a cute favor box.

halloweencutefavorboxClick the image to be taken to the PDF for download and printing. Click either image, both are included.

I love Halloween . . . It’s a fun way to participate in a neighborhood activity . . . I like to see the kids and their parents . . . all decked out in costume with that fun anticipation of getting some delicious chocolate candy!

I enjoy going to the store and looking at all the bags upon bags of candy selections. I like to find a good assortment . . . and I especially love it when the store has their buy one get one free special . . . but I haven’t seen that in awhile. And . . . what would I do with all that candy!!!

I like having these boxes around to give to family and friends . . . and to surprise neighbors who don’t go trick-or-treating, but would love to have a few candies. They’re fun to leave on doorsteps. I’m not into ringing the doorbell and running like a fool down the street . . . my quick dashes are a thing of the past . . . but I don’t mind leaving it, ringing the bell and walking away.

The important thing is to spread the cheer of Halloween  . . . early works . . . that’s the whole surprise element!

I found a few more Halloween Favor Boxes that may add to your Halloween fun. You can’t have too many favor boxes.

Have fun with these boxes!

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