I’m a daytime ghost hunter.

I prefer to do my ghost hunting during the day.  There are plenty of dark places to go and I like to be able to run out into the daylight, not the dead of night.  Maybe I am chicken. I can get scared and creeped out during the day just as easily as at night. It may not be as exciting with that “chill factor” built in during the daylight hours, but when I have a choice I choose daytime.

My friend Dorothy is a realtor and she found a 5 bedroom Victorian that she just couldn’t resist.  The house was built sometime in the 1880’s and had been empty for close to ten years. For some strange reason it kept falling out of escrow. She was paying cash, so that wasn’t going to be a problem.

She lost her husband a little over a year ago and was thinking of downsizing, but then she thought of holidays and being able to entertain her family in her Victorian mansion.  She was excited about getting repairs and improvements done well before the holidays. And with luck she’d have her house sold by the time she was ready to move in.

With all the repairs, Dorothy was having “buyer’s remorse.”  She wanted me to see the place and tell her what a great buy she made and after the repairs, she was going to have a real treasure of a house.

I love old Victorian houses, but one thing I’m not too fond of is wallpaper. Some of the designs are flowery and just too large for the space. That’s another thing about the floor plan, there are usually a lot of little rooms, but this one did have some walls taken out and the woodwork was beautiful. It was fortunate that a new roof was put on before the house was put on the market, but the yard needed work and the gate out in front gave me the creeps. I don’t know what kind of creatures those were, but they did seem like they were watching me.

That was one thing that Dorothy really liked. So I didn’t insult her gate. I did try to be as positive as possible, but the house was dark and I felt as though I couldn’t breathe in there.  I did go outside on the porch, I thought the place would catch on fire any minute.

While I was out on the porch, I heard talking.

It was unnerving. I believe whatever was in the house was talking about me.

“She knows.”


“Yes, she does.”

“Will she tell.”

“We’ll have to stop her.”

I had no idea what they were talking about, but that was enough for me. I stayed on the front porch and even went into the driveway so I wouldn’t hear any more of the conversation. I knew it was none of my business.

I did tell Dorothy when she asked why I was outside that I had trouble breathing in the house.  I was afraid the whole thing would catch on fire and I hoped she had smoke alarms installed.

Then she got this wild idea to have a séance in the house.  I told her I would prefer to pass, but it was a good idea for her to learn all she could about the house.

I refused to step foot in the house again. I felt sorry for Dorothy, but I knew I wasn’t welcome there and I didn’t want to offend the spirits that were in the house.

As it turned out, that night, the house did catch on fire from poor wiring. It did burn pretty much to the ground, but the fireplaces and chimneys were still standing . . . and the gate.

Dorothy was heartbroken. Her dreams pretty much went up in smoke, but I was relieved. There was something evil in that house. I don’t believe Dorothy would have been comfortable there.

I did go look at the old burned out place recently. Dorothy had it cleaned up nicely. It’s a vacant lot with that ugly gate. I don’t know what she plans to do. There’s no For Sale sign up on the property yet. I think it’s only a matter of time, but I do believe the property is cursed.  I would like Dorothy to have her séance, without me, to find out what is on her property.

I thought it strange how such a lovely house would give me the creeps … but it did and I honor my instincts. I have no idea about the spirits in the house or what secret they were keeping … I’m a bit curious and also cautious when it comes to investigating haunted places where I know I’m not welcome.

I do hope you enjoyed this real ghost story in a real haunted house.

Thanks for stopping by!