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When two friends, Dominique and Ursula, stumble upon an ancient book in a graveyard one fateful night, they unwittingly unleash a supernatural force that grants any evil desire written within its pages. As they delve deeper into the darkness, their hopes give way to the seductive allure of power. Will they succumb to the book’s malevolent influence or find the strength to resist, protecting themselves and those they hold dear? Journey into a world of forbidden desires and gripping suspense in this thrilling tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

My initial thought was a means of leveling the playing field against those who are popular and have all the advantages as well as harass other students not in their clique — but giving in to the evil makes one as bad as those they’re fighting against. And we are talking about evil . . .

Watch The Trailer — Would You Be Tempted? Or Do You Have No Choice?

A Diary That Controls The Writer To Be More Evil

A gripping supernatural thriller that dives into the depths of obsession, hatred, and the terrifying power of the written word. Follow two unsuspecting girls as they stumble upon the Devil’s Diary, a malevolent artifact that unleashes a torrent of darkness upon its unwitting writers. As the pages turn, the diary’s malefic influence grows, pushing the boundaries of their deepest, darkest thoughts. Brace yourself for a chilling journey as the diary falls into the hands of a more formidable and malevolent figure, unleashing a wave of destruction like never before. With moments of drama and a touch of thrilling suspense.



A good rainy night movie — and great with friends who want something light to go with their Halloween mood.  It may be a great movie of conversation about high school and how one felt — either in or out of the popular clique — or didn’t care . . . May be good for young teens to get their views and learn what’s going on at their school . . .

Of course, evil is no solution!

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