When You Start Digging, You Never Know What You Might Find . . .

While digging a hole for a septic tank in his newly acquired old house, David stumbled upon a shocking and perplexing discovery. Hidden beneath the earth’s surface was a large box containing an astonishing three million dollars and an unfortunate sight—a lifeless body. Now faced with an arduous dilemma, he finds himself torn between the choice of reporting his findings and potentially losing the enticing sum or concealing the money and reburying the unfortunate soul. Only by watching this compelling film will you discover the path he chooses and the consequences that follow.

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Life Can Present Us With Many Different Twists And Turns

For many of us it could be a very straightforward solution — call the authorities about the body David found in his yard.

As for the money . . . tempting as it may be to keep it, it doesn’t belong to him and could be the reason the dead guy was buried in the yard.

Without giving spoilers — David has a lot on his plate with his job and the mortage on his new place, plus the medication for his daughter . . . His focus needs to be on getting his job promotion and not the issues involved with what he found in the yard.

It wouldn’t be much of a story, if David called the authorities and they took care of the body and the money and he continued on with his landscaping and septic tank projects . . . Or there could be a different turn . . . That’s what is so great about movies — they present one story and we can think of other ways things might have gone . . .

Watch Digging To Death and let me know what you think.

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