This is an excellent DIY Halloween project that is fun to make and will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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Here are some Halloween fonts you may like to use for unique lettering of your signs:

Sketch Bones  Ghoulish  Head Hunter  Pumpkins  Along Came a Spider  Horrible Squish  Pumpkin Face  Jackie O’Lantern  Frankentoho  Halloween Spider  Belfry  You Murderer  Wild Wood   Bleeding Freaks  Nightmare  Blood of Dracula  Skullphabet  Haunting Attraction  Bloody Slime  Jack-O-Lantern

For this project you’ll need:

  • pallet wood to make the signs
  • various colors of paint for your signs
  • a 2″x4″ sign post

Each sign is not of uniform length to make each sign unique. You’ll want to place them at angles to make the sign post attractive and eye catching. You’ll want to paint the 2″x4″ post and allow to dry before attaching the signs and placing it into the ground. It’s a nice touch to put rocks around the bottom.

Each piece of pallet wood is cut at different lengths with one end cut into a point to indicate if that particular street, circle, drive, boulevard, court, avenue, way, road, alley or highway is to the right or to the left. Just as a rule of thumb for this project, but the pallet in half, but don’t measure to make the lengths vary as will the lettering on the signs. For longer sign names, you may not need to cut the pallet other than to make the point.

You will want to sand any rough edges to keep from getting splinters and for easier painting. The edges are painted black on each sign — you may also want to paint the post black.

I would get my names of the various signs together and select my fonts, cut out the lettering and place it on the pallet before cutting.

The easiest way to do the signs is to paint the pallet piece, make a stencil out of vinyl for the lettering, secure it to the pallet and paint the inside of the stencil.

Making vinyl stencils may be difficult for many to do and very time consuming, especially if you are to make many different signs. That may be why you should start your projects early or get a little help with a die cutting machine. One very popular and versatile one is Silhouette Cameo. It may be a bit pricey, but if you’re going to do a lot of craft projects for holidays and special occasions, this die cutting machine is a “must have” item.

This is a fun and rewarding project. This one is specifically for Halloween, but you can adapt the concept for other holidays.