A good “whodunit” always intrigues me.

It goes back to Nancy Drew for me . . . and the Clue game . . . and then the TV Columbo and Murder She Wrote . . . and then there are movies and older books . . . as well as popular writers today . . .whodunitbanner

The thing is, the concept of finding a body floating in a pool is a theme that has been used in literature and movies for years . . . There are hundreds of thousands of twists that have been suggested and we may still be interested in learning more . . . But, it may not be how the person died, but who the person was and all the friends and neighbors, coworkers and acquaintances who knew the victim that interests us and makes up the story.

Sometimes the story is opened ended and leaves you hanging . . . but you may feel confident you know “whodunit” . . . or it’s something you discuss with friends or family . . . comparing notes and thoughts . . . It can be quite haunting, finding you’re thinking about it from time to time.

I suppose a good mystery does that.

I’ve always wanted to write a good mystery, but, as yet, haven’t gotten the characters and the plot together to make an interesting story . . .

It does seem my mind is chewing on it . . .

I remember a book that came out 2 to 3 decades ago inviting people to solve the mystery. I remember it being a complicated plot and getting lost within the story and quite frankly losing interest in it as well. I think someone did solve it and won a cash prize. I do congratulate that individual for muddling through the story and untangling the web or red herrings that ran through it.

With winter approaching, I would like to read a good mystery . . . Here are some that may interest you:

A good mystery on a cold winter’s night is a great way to spend a quiet evening . . . or maybe you like to watch a good movie . . . Here are a few you may enjoy:

I have gotten hooked on these Hallmark mystery series. I like DVDs I can share with the whole family and then discuss it later . . .

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