There are plenty of social media networks that are available for different types of communication.1blogging

It all depends upon what you like to use.

I have internet marketing friends who use Google + Hangouts.

I like it. We’re able to see one another and have a conversation. It’s fun when we’re eating different snacks and drinking different beverages. It’s comfortable and relaxing to spend a few hours discussing our websites or weekend plans or something we read or viewed.

I’m on the west coast, one is on the east coast and another is in the south. We also have a Canadian or two come by.

We Met From An Internet Marketing Group.

What’s great is that we’re in different niche markets and approaching our business from a different perspective.

On this particular night, the group leader didn’t extend an invitation to the whole community. He was selective in his invitations. It seems with any group that the “more the merrier” concept sometimes doesn’t work out. There are some who tend to monopolize the group. When this happens some of us have left the group and formed our own hangout.

This Got Me Thinking About Thanksgiving.thanksgiving rockwell 

Even with friends and family, the dynamic of the group can be either pleasant or not so pleasant.

We sometimes get into a bind and feel we have to invite a relative, because they are a relative. And when that relative goes home, everyone is relaxed and enjoys their evening.

It is sad, but it is also sad to exclude certain individuals. What is the best approach?

That’s a difficult question to answer. Some people don’t have a clue that they’re difficult or what they say annoys others. They may be very aware of it and like to be annoying.

So talking with them won’t change a thing.

Would not inviting them change their behavior?

This seems doubtful.

Would you feel guilty?

Maybe initially, but the whole idea of bringing family and friends together is to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner and to share with like-minded individuals. You want to have a happy and fun gathering, where everyone gets along and lends a hand.

I enjoy cleaning up afterwards. It’s relaxing for me. Also knowing what I’m doing is beneficial and part of the process.

After The Grand Feast.

I don’t know how it is in your family, but we take a bit of a break after dinner for cleaning up. Some may sit back and relax while their food is digesting. Some may take a walk.

We brew a fresh pot of coffee and bring out the pies and cookies. It’s a nice way to unwind from a busy day.

We may pop in a DVD and enjoy a movie or play a board game or have several games going with different groups involved. It’s always fun to sit quietly working on a jigsaw puzzle.

From Early Morning Through To The Night, I’m Reminded Of My Many Blessings.

We aren’t usually focused on announcing what we’re thankful for, but the thoughts do flow freely throughout the day and evening.

I do enjoy those quiet times when everyone is busy with their own thoughts and feeling while eating or doing other things.

I find it a personal thing, that can be shared, but doesn’t have to be.

This Brings Me Back To The Google + Hangout.

It’s a way of bringing people together to share, learn and receive some value from the group.

I like it. No reason to leave the comfort of your own home. But to be able to meet face-to-face and hear the voices of others.

I was surprised it was by invitation only and not an open invitation, but given some of the interactions in the past several months I can understand it.

And the beauty of these hangouts is that anyone can host one. There is a limit of 10 people. It’s a nice way of communicating and exchanging ideas, thoughts and feelings.

I’m not going to venture to speak for the host, but he may have been feeling like a few of us have that the group has changed. And with this change, the focus has changed with anger and a demand to fix what’s wrong with their website.

I like to fix it myself. I like to be given the tools and ideas others share and take what is freely given.

It seemed that the host was always on the hot seat to give the magic formula that would transform their websites overnight into an ATM machine.

It’s not that he doesn’t mind giving, but it can be draining to hear the same thing week after week where the one complaining hasn’t followed through with the suggestions given weeks prior to that. It does seem that there are some people who enjoy complaining and don’t really want to solve the problem.

This, over time does become annoying.

I like to just hangout, share what I have to share and enjoy what others have to share.

I Love Success Stories.

Even when things aren’t necessarily going well for me, I’m motivated by the positive stories of others.

I don’t take it as bragging, but sharing their happiness that it’s working for them.

If one person can do it, then there is hope for others as well. It is only a matter of time.

What About When You Outgrow Your Group?

This comes at different stages.

It’s not that you’ve learned everything there is to know. It’s that you’ve decided to move in a different direction.

It’s natural that our interests and priorities change over time.

Kids get that shocking revelation that a former best friend is no longer a friend at all. Things change. Maybe over a summer vacation or over a weekend.

It is unexpected, but change is something we’ve learned to expect over the years. It is also unpleasant, but we do get through it meeting others. It is all part of growing up and maybe finding yourself.

You may be the one moving on . . . rather than the one being left behind.

Something to think about for next time. Thanks for stopping by!