I like to give my ghost hunting friends something to think about while we’re at my favorite coffee shop.

I was surprised they didn’t laugh me out of the coffee shop. I just got thinking about different hunting seasons and different holiday seasons along with the seasons of the year. Is there a season that is better for ghost hunting? Fortunately, they took me seriously and we had an interesting discussion about their various ghost hunting experiences.

I know when we were having a founders day celebration in town, there were ghostly spirits all over the place. When there are concerts in the park, you’re apt to see ghostly apparitions. Just about every event attracts spirits to them. This got me wondering if these spirits were just having a good time with the crowd of people, sucking up the energy or if they were there because of something else.

It seems one question always leads to another.

Matt didn’t think there was any particular time that was better than any other, but it may have to do with the location and how many other people have been there.

Some people are looking for the “thrill of the moment.” They hope to capture an EVP or have something happen so they can share the experience with friends. “Ghosts aren’t trained animals that follow your commands,” he said. Many times amateur ghost hunters will say such things as move the chair or close the door or move an object. For some spirits it may be difficult to do that and to be honest, would you want to move a chair, close a door or move an object at someone’s command?

If spirits want you to know they are here, they may speak to you or move something. We need to use common sense and treat these entities as humans who are no longer with us.

It seems I got a bit off track, but it explains why Matt believes Halloween isn’t the best time for ghost hunting. All the time up to Halloween, people are visiting haunted sites and making demands and acting like complete jerks. This turns off spirits as well as turning off the living.

Matt did share an experience he had to a known haunted theater.

He got permission and went in with several people who were both curious about the theater and what Matt was going to do. He was upset as were the others by how someone got into the theater and vandalized it.

He spoke with those with him and then spoke to the spirits that were supposed to haunt the old theater. He didn’t speak to them about the vandalism, but of the various plays that were presented on that stage. He spoke of the conversion to a movie theater and mentioned how his father used to go there with his brother and sister on a Saturday afternoon while their parents were in town doing their shopping or his dad was at the barber shop.

As Matt could feel the nostalgia of the moment, he could also feel spirits gathering. The room took on a definite chill. He mentioned many old movies and the various stars. He spoke of how his father told him about the pop corn and the ice cold root beer with so much carbonation that the bubbles wet his nose, but the heady fragrance added to the taste. There was never anything as refreshing.

He was definitely making a connection with the theater ghosts. He thanked the spirits and those who accompanied him and left. He made arrangements to visit again. Matt prefers to make several visits to a location. He does his research between visits. He doesn’t draw any conclusions until his investigation is done, but he admits he has never completed an investigation because he enjoys the spirits he finds and there is always something new to learn.

I remember being in a local cemetery delivering flowers to various grave sites.

It was before Halloween with a nice nip in the air. I could hear movement that echoed throughout the cemetery.  I tried to concentrate on where I was going and what I had to do, but the crunch of fallen leaves seemed to get louder and closer to me. I called out saying I had two more deliveries to make and I’d be on my way. I honestly thought it was the caretaker or someone else who had permission to be there. And if it was kids who got in somehow, I’d alert them to the fact that I was aware of them and they weren’t going to scare me.

As soon as I spoke, the crunching of leaves stopped. It seemed more frightening to me to not hear anything than to suspect that someone was out there watching and waiting. I tried to shrug it off, but the longer it took me to locate the right grave site, the more frightened I became.

I started talking again. “Have you seen the grave site of Mrs. Emma Lindquest?” I asked. “It seems she’s around here someplace, but I can’t seem to find her. Her son will be disappointed if this isn’t delivered on her birthday.” I rambled on about what a wonderful mother she was and how her son told me how he liked to surprise her on her birthday with breakfast in bed. He would pick a flower out of the yard and put it in a vase or have it on the tray.

I heard some scuffling of leaves and followed the sound. Someone had cleared away the fallen leaves from her headstone assisting me in making my delivery. I expressed my thanks and gratitude that I never would have found it without their assistance.

Off in the distance, I heard a hollow sounding voice ask, “Who else?”

I immediately said the name and the grave site number. I followed the sounds to my destination.

I believe there had been some Halloween-type pranks being pulled and the spirits that were present at the cemetery when I got there were going to take the upper hand and scare me away, but once they realized I had a job to do and I wasn’t there to cause trouble, they came to my aid.

I was curious about the ghost who helped me, but this didn’t seem to be the time to poke into his business. I know I’ll be there again and if it is meant to be, I’ll make his acquaintance.

Since ghost hunting doesn’t seem to have a definite season, it is good to note that it is best not be frequent places during times of high tourism when some tourists may have personal agendas that chase ghosts away. It’s also good to remember to treat ghosts as we would like to be treated — with kindness.

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