I’m into easy, no-bake recipes.

Well, that a definite laugh to call this a recipe.


What you see is what it is!

  1. Buy a bag or box of Oreo cookies
  2. Buy some mini peanut butter cups
  3. Buy square sprinkles or get some red hots
  4. You’ll also need chocolate frosting

Now, let’s assemble this simple no-bake Pilgrim Hat:

  1. Get out an Oreo cookie.
  2. You may want to either open up the Oreo cookie and scrape out the white frosting in the center and use just the one cookie portion for the hat brim OR you can scrape out the white frosting and replace with chocolate frosting OR cover the white frosting with a bit of chocolate frosting and roll in some chocolate sprinkles OR any other clever thing you can think of.
  3. Put a bit of chocolate frosting on the top of the peanut butter cup and place it in the center top of the oreo cookie.
  4. Find a little square candy sprinkle to use for the hat decoration or use a red hot. Secure in place with a dab of chocolate frosting.

There you have a clever Pilgrim Hat and you didn’t bake a thing. It will be a lovely dessert everyone will love and think you’re so clever!

Thanks for stopping by!