Spring is all about planting . . . and Easter eggs . . . well eggshells at least. These are adorable and would look great on your kitchen window sill. They’d get plenty of light and you’d have fun with these herbs as they begin to grow. Just put some googlie eyes on them and add a goofy expression and you’ll have an original eggshell herb garden to brighten your kitchen. You might as well name them, too.

You can get all fancy with egg cups or use the egg carton, but when you give them as gifts I’d go all out with the egg cups. Just empty out your egg shells and put in potting soil and herb plants. I go with the plants instead of the seeds, but you can begin with seeds. 

This is a fun activity for the kids, too. 

And I wouldn’t stop there. How about some flowers or succulents? 


And then there are corks, yes, I said corks:




That should be enough inspiration for you. Whatever you can hollow out would work nicely. Have fun and think outside of the box. I’m sure you’ll come up with some wildly creative ideas for planting herbs an succulents.

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