There’s a legendary haunted estate not far from my home.

Many of my ghost hunting friends have visited this place several times over the years, bringing in psychics and other paranormal investigators who have all experienced the same creepy feeling … some even refusing to walk inside.

That’s basically the my feeling when I was invited to visit the place. I could feel my heart racing before we even arrived on the property. I could also sense that we were not welcome — even though we received permission from the home owner.

I’ll admit I’m not all that brave when it come to exploring haunted places. I do have a fascination about the whole paranormal realm, but I won’t put myself in harm. I don’t like being pushed or knocked down — which has happened.

I’m not immediately prone to anger, but with whatever was in the basement of this house wanted to provoke anger and feed off of it.

I mentioned this to my friends before entering the house.

I’m not sure if they heard me or just ignored me because I’m usually the first one to leave an investigation.

We heard very clearly “Get Out!” and much profanity … but we continued investigating the house. I loved the antiques and was surprised by how neat and tidy the house appeared since no one was physically living there.

It was interesting that the farther away from the basement I moved, the calmer I felt … until I opened the door to one of the bedrooms and immediately jumped back.

I later learned of family members who occupied that bedroom were into the dark arts. It is believed they invited some evil entity into the house and it decided to occupy the basement … But there was definitely something going on inside that bedroom.

I heard growling and saw dark shapes moving around. There were knocking sounds coming from a clocked closet door. I heard voices of crying out for help, but I wasn’t stepping foot in that room.

I did call out to them to move into the light, but informed there was no light only darkness and it was blazing hot inside.

I explored some of the other upstair bedrooms.

I could feel a lot of sadness throughout the house.

There had been suicides in the house as well as deaths of natural causes. So, this estate was haunted by a number of entities.

I was curious about those people who had lived and died there and their feelings about the place. I did hear one woman say it was a great place to raise their family, but when some cousins came to stay they got into the dark arts and left the chaos from their rituals behind them when they moved out.

I heard arguing downstairs and decided to see what was happening among my friends and suggest we leave … or at least step outside.

We didn’t need to feed the anger and rage that fed the “beast” in the basement.

It was interesting to see how everyone was on edge after exploring the basement. I suggested they go upstairs and explore there or explore the grounds … but they wanted to stay and argue.

I took the arm of my friend, Barbara, and forced her to come with me outside.

It was almost as though she was in a trance once we got outside on the porch. We sat down on some chairs and after a few minutes Barbara was back to her ol’ jolly self telling me how scared she was in the basement.

“There was something growling at us and swearing … I wanted to leave, but Hank insisted we all stay together and explore every inch of the basement.”

Barbara did return inside the house to get everyone else outside.

It was interesting to watch how at first they continued arguing … but then suddenly stopped … They didn’t seem to know where they were or what was going on.

After a few minutes in the fresh air, everyone was calm and back to “normal”.

I think in some ways that scared me more than what I heard and saw inside the house.

I thought it funny how at one point the “house” wanted us to leave and when we decided to leave the “house” wanted us to stay and explore some more. The front door even opened for us.

Fortunately, we’ve all had enough and were soon on our way back home to have another Real Ghost Story to share.

Thanks for stopping by.

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