Smart Phones Are Absolutely Amazing

There are apps for just about everything … including hearing from spirits beyond the grave …

It does sound quite far-fetched … but it is true!

It’s always a good idea to have your cell phone with you when you go out ghost huntint … Also take along a friend or two … Now … if you’re not using your phone to record your investigation, you can use it to speak to the dead 

Necrophonic App Demonstration


If You’d Like To Try Out The Necrophonic App For Yourself Check Out The Links Below

I first learned about this app from Omar Gosh, so it seems appropriate to use his links — one that will work best with the cell phone you have:

Apple/iOS: Google/Android:

Be sure to use this app responsibly. Before beginning an EVP session it is wise to start with an opening pray and after the session end it with a closing prayer. Generally speaking, we only want to communicate with “good” spirits … and we don’t want them following us home after we’ve communicated with them … Be friendly and not disrespectful or confrontative … If a spirit tells you to leave … Leave!! It may not be safe for you …

We do need to use common sense …

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