Isn’t It Wonderful To Wake Up In The Morning Feeling Great!!!FallFrost

I was cold this morning. Even Lil’ Diva was snuggled in her blanket.

Temps dipped in the night and my temperature outside was 48° F. It was warmer in the house, but time to turn on the heat.

In an earlier blog post I mentioned how the warm weather was tampering with my enthusiasm of the fall holidays. Well, I can now officially say that I feel all full of Thanksgiving. Unless the temperature drops again in the 80’s or 90’s. Our local mountains have received their dusting of snow.

Weather And How We Feel

I don’t know if it’s the media or movies or books or even music that tell us what to expect during certain seasons.

Do we buy into this or is there some internal barometer that is a factor? I suppose it works in different countries who experience different climates. It could be the “norm” of our personal experiences.

I know there will be no snow on the ground in my yard, but I do like seeing it on the mountains. I do like wearing sweaters and sweatshirts or long-sleeved blouses.

I enjoy the warmth and fragrance of a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Also a hot breakfast.

A bowl of soup and a sandwich is a wonderful lunch.

Interesting how weather and food seem to go together.

Hot Beverages To Warm The Soul

Many people throughout the year have to have their morning cup of coffee or tea to start their day.

I find it much more enjoyable during the fall and winter to warm me up. It’s always nice to have something warm before going to bed at night.

I need to buy some coffee and my favorite creamer to go with it.

I’ll continue drinking a lot of water. I’ve heard that hot water without coffee or tea is good for your skin. That’s a little tid bit that’s good to know.

I Hear The Ring-Ting-Jingle of Bells

This may be entirely imaginary, but with the cold temperatures, I’m thinking of Thanksgiving and the ride to Grandmother’s house.

It’s a traditional song that I thoroughly love. Some sing it at Christmas, but I believe it was written for Thanksgiving. Especially the line of “Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!” This I associate with Thanksgiving moreso than Christmas, but we’ve had pumpkin pie for Christmas, too. I think Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree mentions pumpkin pie in the lyrics.

I can definitely declare I’m thankful for the colder temperatures I’m experiencing this beautiful fall day! And the thoughts of Thanksgiving just around the corner.

My Mood Is Much More Favorable When The Weather Corresponds With The Season

It’s lovely to be in a festive mood.

I love the change of seasons, but when they don’t correspond with the upcoming holiday celebrations, I get in a bit of a funk. I don’t know if this affects you in a similar way — some of you may enjoy to have one season all year round.

I’m not into the extremes of the seasons, but I do appreciate the slight changes. It is invigorating. Makes me want to bake.

I do hope whatever climate you’re experiencing and whatever holiday you’re anticipating brings joy and laughter into your life this glorious day!