I Have This Love-Hate Thing Going On With Dolls … Haunted Dolls

I’ll write stories about haunted dolls and videos about them … but I won’t be investigating them on my own or with my friends … They just creep me out!!

Today I have two YouTube Videos to share with you. One is from Patty of the G Team and the other is from Heather of Heather’s Hauntings who is Patty’s daughter.

These two videos are recording the same events … each with a bit of a different perspective.

I truly have to hand it to people who bring haunted stuff home with them — even after doing the smudging and other protective clensings … stuff happens!!

I think you will enjoy both of these videos.

Heather’s Hauntings Video was the first one I watched … So … I thought I’d present them to you in the same order I watched them.

G Team Paranormal Investigators Video is a follow-up on the previous video where Patty and Omar shared his haunted dolls.

Oh my goodness … did you jump at the opening of Heather’s video?  Did you get cold chills after watching the G Team video?

I’ll admit to both … I never claimed to be brave …

I do love ghost stories and to a degree of getting scared … or getting that creepy feeling along with goosebumps … and I can laugh at myself when I do get scared or startled … Something is definitly up with those dolls …

I’m not going to give them my home as their playground … I accept they’re haunted and don’t want to video them in my home doing their moving and ringing wind chimes and who knows what else.

We can protect ourselves with prayers and crystals and sage and smudging or other clensing methods … all are effective … but sometimes evil entities do slip in and cause health problems … bad luck … or just mischief — which can be very serious and extremely annoying …

And they can be dangerious and harmful … Most people like to think they can’t hurt us … Well, they can and this is not just a harmless game or hobby … It is serious and sometimes there are unforeseen consequences …

Well … I’ll get off my soapbox for now and thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog.