I find it fun to keep the excitement of Halloween available all year round — especially when you’re watching a scary movie or just want to put a bit of a twist on a regular snack — it’s the spirit of the thing that counts.

I can’t believe I’m getting into the spirit of Halloween before summer! It may have been creeping in from time to time . . . it’s just such a fun holiday.

Many of my friends can’t wait a whole year until Halloween rolls around, so they have various Bewitching Masquerade Parties. It’s just an excuse to have a Halloween Party to celebrate every season and any time when the mood strikes to have a party with all the Halloween fun they seem to enjoy.

If you’ve been looking for the link — click the picture. It’s been there all along. If that doesn’t work for you . . . click here  It’s the whole Bewitching Masquerade Party Kit of wonderful printables you’ll enjoy over and over again. 

Be sure to bookmark this page or the link. You’ll want to visit it from time to time.

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