There’s the right way and the wrong way to let the late Trick-or-Treaters know that you’re out of candy or just had enough of answering the door — you have a life and your favorite program just came on or you want to relax in your favorite chair and read a good book . . . or read the Legend of Sleepy Hollow or some Poe Poems. It’s your night, too. Pop a movie in your DVD and cozy up with some pop corn and the left over Halloween candy. HeeHee!

Free Printable

This Free Printable is compliments of You need to click this link to get to the Out of Candy Sign Printable download.

You can put it in a frame and set it on your porch bench or table, print it out on glossy photo paper or make a fancy wreath with this in the center.

I’ve printed mine on glossy photo paper and used the blue painter’s tape rolled behind it to attach it to my door so it wouldn’t leave a mark when I remove it. I have a round wreath I bought at K Mart a few years ago on my door and this fits perfectly inside.

Oh My Goodness! Just punch a hole in the top center, put an orange ribbon through it and hang it on your door knob like a Do Not Disturb Sign. You’ve had a busy day, you need to get off your feet and enjoy yourself.

It’s a fun and clever sign you may want to save and use year after year.