Have you seen something out of the corner of your eye and then when you looked head-on it was there, but not?

There is this “other dimension” that we’re sometimes privy to seeing.  It makes you shake your head a little when you see something not fully three-dimensional, but it does exist more often than not.

I don’t like getting all freaky about it, but it so very true.

I see it a lot in antique stores.

I’ve talked to spirits I thought were real people.   One time it was a previous owner who had passed.  She was very fond of her rocking chair and was telling me how she nursed her three precious babies while sitting in it.  She couldn’t imagine why none of her children wanted to keep it.

“It was my mothers before I got it,” she lamented.  “Don’t they remember all the stories that were told and read from that very chair?  Or rocking them to sleep . . . or when they were sick?”

There was another time I swore I saw a rocking chair in the antique store.  It had stuffed toys in it on display, but I couldn’t quite remember which section I was in when I saw it.

Yeah, rocking chairs. I do seem to have a “thing” about them . . . or maybe they’re attracted to me for some reason or other . . . 

I do have an old rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother — it’s pretty low to the ground and has a little swing out drawer on the side where she kept her sewing kit for darning socks and such. My father told me how she would take it outside — not on the porch, but in the backyard and sit under a tree and do her darning or embroidery.

This was her place where she could sit quietly without being interrupted by neighbors passing by. I do like spending time on my patio. It is my private little place where I can write my blogs or eat breakfast, lunch or dinner . . . but mostly just to sit, relax and think.

My favorite antique store is an antique mall where people rent out sections or stalls in which to create a display of their treasures.  It was in one of those stalls where I saw the rocking chair.  One of the owners assured me they had no rocking chair of that description in their shop.  Yet, I kept looking.  I knew I saw what I saw!

In this particular antique mall, I’ve met several “ghostly spirits” who have given me information about some antiques I’ve purchased over the years.

I probably do look like an idiot talking to someone who isn’t there — but, seriously, I don’t care, because most people who collect antiques do believe in ghosts . . . and they are eager to learn information about some pieces they would like to purchase.

With the programs of finding the value of antiques, many people are into getting something “cheap” and turning it into a “fortune.” My thing, besides collecting antiques is learning the story — and meeting the spirits who once owned them. That, to me is the true “fortune” I seek.

I enjoy it when the curtain parts and I get a peek into this other dimension.

I did get a little frightened once when there were cars coming at me.  Most towns had dirt roads as their main thoroughfares in day of old.  In our time they moved them and made room for businesses to be on both sides of the road.  This antique mall was one such building that years ago didn’t exist other than as a dirt road.

I suppose the same is true for houses that have been moved for freeways and other changes.  Many old houses in my town have been moved.  One was converted into a restaurant. I was excited to go there for dinner, but found out that customers weren’t allowed to go exploring — pity.  I haven’t been back.

It is too bad they don’t have tours of the old mansion.  Many people are curious, but maybe the renovations were such that there isn’t much left of how the original mansion looked when it was a home.

I’m not against progress, but I do like some things to be preserved.

In the future when you see something and then don’t, believe your first instinct that it was indeed there before the curtain closed.

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