A neighbor was doing major repairs on his house.

He is not the kind of person who would admit to having spirits in his house, but he had to admit something strange was going on since he began major construction by adding a second story to his home.

His wife was much more open minded and we started talking. I was on my way to my favorite coffee shop and she said she would meet me there.

I was surprised when her husband was with her when they walked up to the counter to place their order. I was sitting with my friend Barbara and her nephew and his girl friend.

I asked Bob how he liked camping out in his backyard. I thought this was the best way to get a conversation going. He said he felt like a kid. They had access to the house, but they set up a tent in their backyard to escape the dust and construction mess.

He even admitted to imagining their fire pit was a campfire and he and his wife Millie would tell scary stories.

Barbara asked if they were having any disturbances in the house.

She explained that all houses have spirits and those that take up residence don’t like change and new construction is something that threatens them.

Bob admitted they had problems with the architect and getting the stairway and the upstairs lay out the way they wanted it. Then there was the plumber who couldn’t get the upstairs baths working. Electrical was a problem, too. Mirrors kept breaking. Tools kept disappearing. Workers could hear talking or music or heavy footsteps. Inspectors wouldn’t arrive when scheduled. When they did come, they wouldn’t sign off the work.

They were well behind schedule. Workers refused to come. They reported being pushed and being watched. They also knew they weren’t welcome and their tool boxes would be dumped out or thrown across a room. Many quit, even though they needed the work, but they felt their life was in danger.

Millie was tired of camping out in the backyard, but she, too, started feeling uncomfortable in the house. They were close to throwing in the towel.

I suggested they speak with a psychic friend of mine to find out what was going on in the house.

I expected resistance and scoffing, but Bob jumped at the opportunity to get to the bottom of this and see what spirits were in the house and let them know who was boss.

I didn’t point out that Bob and Millie were camping out in their backyard afraid to spend any time in their house while the spirits were having a great time in the house.

We were invited to participate in a séance one evening.

When I arrived, Barbara, her husband, nephew and his girlfriend were already there. The psychic was running late. I could hear heavy footsteps upstairs. There were lights turning on and off throughout the house. I also heard water running upstairs. I expected it to flow down the staircase, but that didn’t happen.

It was a spooky place.

When the psychic arrived, we took our places around the dining room table. I noticed my chair kept moving and others were having a similar experience. The table moved. I brought my legs up into the chair to sit with them crossed as though I was sitting on the floor. I noticed others were readjusting themselves as well.

Bob’s chair tipped backward and he went crashing to the floor.

We were all a bit shaken up by that and decided to leave the table. We went out to the patio and sat talking while the psychic walked through the house.

There was a little boy who appeared, floated to Bob and kicked him in the shins. A little girl pulled Millie’s hair. I couldn’t believe it was ghosts of children who were causing all the trouble.

The children didn’t like the new construction. They didn’t like people in their house.

The psychic explained that they were of another time and needed to leave and join their parents who were waiting for them. They didn’t want to go. She explained that their friends were probably there, too. But nothing she said persuaded them to go.

I asked if they knew they were dead.

They ignored my question, but said they were told to stay in the house while their father drove their mother to the hospital. Evidently, they never returned and the children were trying their best to obey what their father had told them.

We needed to do some research about the house and the family that lived there. We weren’t going to have a séance that night or maybe any night.

I found it interesting how this construction brought the spirits out. There were others who had lived in the house without any disturbances. I wondered if that was possible. I also wondered why the children were there alone. Surely if something happened to the parents, relatives would have taken the children. It didn’t seem to make any sense.

Millie was finally able to get some answers about the early history of the house.

The parents of the children were going to the hospital, but they didn’t make it there. The children, instead of staying in the house as they were told to do were out running around the neighborhood. They ventured up into the hills and couldn’t find their way home in the dark. There were rumors the children were attacked by coyotes.

Once the ghost children were confronted with the truth, they talked with the psychic and explained how they tried to be obedient children believing their father would return home and in a few days their mother, too, with their new baby brother or sister. They were upset that the construction destroyed the house and their parents bedroom and that of the baby’s room.

It took several weeks before the children agreed to go into the light as instructed by the psychic. They realized that their behavior had nothing to do with the fate of their parents, but there were definite consequences that cut their lives short.

Today, Bob and Millie are delighted with the addition to their house. They are comfortable, but do think about the young family that lived in the house so many years before and what happened to the children as they were wandering in the hills.

The good news I can take from this story is that I have neighbors who believe in ghosts!!

It’s always disturbing to learn that the ghosts in your house are those of children.

And, yet, amusing that these young children haunted this house so successfully that they scared so many adults.

They have crossed-over and there was a happy ending. I do love it when I can share a Real Ghost Story with you that has a happy ending.

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