Are You A Good Parent?HalloweenQuote

You practice what you preach, right?

At least to the best of your ability. You want to give your children life enriching experiences that allow them to grow into intelligent, productive adults.

But . . . no matter your good intentions children can be a bit confused about Halloween and going door-to-door to get candy.

The quote may be an extreme example. It is also pretty far from the truth. We usually guide our children to do their trick-or-treating within the neighborhood where you pretty much know everyone.

You’re giving your children a safe Halloween experience where they can dress up in costume and go out in the night with lots of other children to collect a variety of candy.

Halloween Is A Fun Neighborhood Experience

I like sitting on my front porch to hand out candy.

That way I’m outside enjoying the night air and seeing the kids with their parents walk up to get their candy. I love the sounds of shuffling feet, the voices of exclamation when they see the various lit jack-o-lanterns and laughter when they’re startled by an animatronic witch that cackles as they approach the front door.

I can feel that anticipation when a group of children ring the doorbell across the street.

I love the costumes, the excitement and enthusiasm of the children running around with friends and family to collect a bag full of candy.

It is an event I look forward to each year. I usually don’t dress up, but it’s fun to see families all dressed up. Adults have as much fun as the kids.

It’s a way for adults to relive their childhood through their children.

It’s A Fun Fall Activity Where Adults Give Candy To The Children Of The Neighborhood

Most holidays are about friends and family and done behind closed doors.

Halloween is a neighborhood activity. It’s where young and old come together to share an annual event of adults giving candy and children graciously receiving it.

I know many people don’t buy in to the concept of Halloween with the sinister overtones.

I choose to think of it as the one time of year when a neighborhood shares. And all lives are enriched by the couple of hours of handing out candy and seeing hundreds of costumed children having a great time filling their bags with candy.

I Think Of Halloween As A Prelude To ThanksgivingDTDM1

It’s a way of being thankful we live in a nice neighborhood and are given the opportunity to share candy with others.

I’m thankful for the many families that go through the effort of buying costumes for their children and taking them out to collect their bag full of candy.

I’m as delighted as the children by their laughter and enthusiasm. It brings back memories of those carefree days of youth.

And as I sit waiting for the next swarm of excited trick-or-treating children, I can count my blessings.

This will be my precious Diva’s first Halloween with me. I want her to be safe, that’s why I’ll sit on the front porch with her instead of having children ring the doorbell. This way we can see who’s coming to the door and don’t have to listen to the sounds outside . . . we can see and hear them coming.

I know my other pets enjoyed sitting on the front porch on All Hollows Eve and I believe Diva will be equally joyous and thankful to participate. Last year we took a little walk around the neighborhood after all the trick-or-treater were gone. Porch lights were still shining brightly . . . the slight nip in the air . . . and the silence . . . except for the echo of our footsteps in the still night air.

I remember it was a bit eerie . . .

Have a safe and fun Halloween!