Time is drawing near. You need to get the costumes. And, of course, there’s the candy!

Click the links below to see what you can see in the category of costumes for kids, adults and pets. Yes, pets. These costumes are definitely hot sellers. The pet costumes are much more popular than those for the rest of the family. They don’t want to be left out of the fun. They may even want to take a little walk around the neighborhood to keep an eye on the kids . . . or they’ll be dressed up to assist you when answering the door to the trick-or-treaters.

There’s an excellent selection of candy . . . maybe you’ll find some of your favorites that the supermarket isn’t carrying . . . or they ran out.

Also look at accessories to add some finishing touches on any costume you select.

Be prepared if the weather turns a bit chilly. You want to be warm and have your kids bundled up, too.

I was surprised by the little nip in the air this morning. It felt so good after the hotter temperatures we were experiencing. Thought we would get some rain . . . just passed me by . . . but I can always hope for some rainy weather between now and Halloween.

Pumpkins are in short supply this year. The pumpkin crop didn’t seem as plentiful as in years gone by. Yes, you can still find them, but not in the assortment and variety of previous years.

I hope you’ve taken advantage of all the free craft ideas I have for you within the archives. You have time to decorate to your heart’s content.

Thanks for stopping by!

If, however, Halloween isn’t your thing, or it is, but you’re thinking ahead, I have one more link for you:

  Have a great time shopping . . . or making your list 🙂

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