All Good Things Come To A Spine-Chilling Climax!

Halloween franchise fans will undoubtedly feel let down by the so-called “finale” of Michael Myers. Comparing it to the iconic original Michael vs. Laurie movies, it simply doesn’t measure up. As the supposed conclusion of the Halloween franchise, I had anticipated so much more than what was delivered. However, amidst the disappointment, one can’t deny the unwavering brilliance of Jaime Lee Curtis, who once again captivates audiences with her stunning performance. Similarly, the sheriff, although making only a few appearances, leaves a lasting impression. While this may not be the ending we desired, their talent shines through and provides a glimmer of satisfaction within an otherwise lackluster conclusion.

It’s a common struggle for new production teams to put their own twist on a beloved franchise, often missing the mark with what the fans truly desire. That’s where a good horror director steps in, bringing their expertise to create an unforgettable finale that leaves fans satisfied and united, not with torn feelings about the final “end” we got. We deserved an epic conclusion that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Oh, My Goodness! How Many Were There? Could This Really Be The End?

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Are You Ready For Some Spoilers?

Somehow amidst the mysteries of Haddonfield, a hidden squirrel nest holds the enigma of Mikey.

An unexpected twist leaves the town amnesiac, a peculiar turn of events that baffles even the most astute observers.

As Laurie seeks solace in a new abode, questions arise about the significance of her move within the confines of Haddonfield.

While the theories of Michael’s possession remain intriguing, they are overlooked in this “finale” that centers around Laurie’s book narration. A tale that leaves us yearning for further interaction with the elusive Michael.

For all the speculation surrounding his invincibility and the inability to truly keep him at bay, a surprising shift occurred, revealing a vulnerable and shattered side we’ve never witnessed before.

Could this be the final chapter of the beloved series? The answer remains unknown. While this movie grants us some closure, there are hints of a potential loophole, teasing the possibility of a new incarnation in the future or perhaps, finally finding peace. Patience is our only course – the future holds the answers we seek.

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