I was shocked when Molly and Kevin came into the coffee shop and sat down across from me.

I was having my coffee and a blueberry muffin while working on my laptop. My ghost hunting friends were busy doing other things and we hadn’t planned to meet at the coffee house. I thought this would be a good time to catch up on my websites.

Molly and Kevin came to my table, sat down and began talking. No preamble of any kind. It was a bit unnerving for me to have a young couple sit down and begin talking as though they knew me … and I them.

It was as though I should have know they spent the weekend in San Francisco and took a tour of Alcatraz and the prison.

Kevin was very precise about mentioning the prison hospital. In particular, the pharmacy. I immediately felt a cold chill run down my spine. There was something in his eyes and demeanor that told me the impact of that tour disturbed him.

I was immediately drawn into what Kevin had to say. I glanced at his wife Molly who was quietly sipping her coffee.

Very quietly, Kevin said, “I was touched by something in that room.”

I turned to Molly, who remained quiet.

Although there were many on the tour, Kevin insists he wasn’t the only one who felt something. Several cried out, announcing that they had been stabbed. The room became freezing. Many ran for the exists, insisting that some sort of riot was about to take place. They felt an urgency to escape.

Cell Block D, solitary confinement, was also a place where people felt uncomfortable. There was a sense of hopelessness that disturbed many.

They heard scuffling of feet throughout the prison, but discounted it, thinking it could be other tourists.

There was a paranormal investigation group there who were given permission to use their equipment to measure room temperature and set up voice recorders and cameras. Some tried to make contact with entities. Some recorded EVPs, but there were no ghostly apparitions caught on their video cameras. This I found out from other ghost hunters who networked with other ghost hunters to find out who had visited Alcatraz that weekend.

Molly finally spoke, “I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It wasn’t of this world.”

I waited for her to explain, but she said nothing more. I wanted to question her, but I knew she would speak when she wanted to share without any prompting from me.

Quite frankly, I was feeling creeped out by the couple sitting with me. I wanted to bolt out of there.

Suddenly a college student working on her lapgop shouted, “Stop touching me!” She was sitting near the back wall, quite a distance from us. It was impossible for someone to be behind her, but she looked behind her anyway and waved her hands above her head. She got up and left the coffee shop with all eyes following her out. Molly’s eyes followed something invisible to the rest of us walking out the door, following the college student.

It became clear to me that something followed Molly and Kevin from Alcatraz.

Both Kevin and Molly became much more animated and spoke about their trip to San Francisco, but said nothing more about Alcatraz. Whatever possessed them, evidently released them.

I was worried about the college student who just left. I hadn’t seen her before or since.

I did ask the barista about her, if he remembered her. He said she was in a few times before her outburst that morning. The few times he walked by her, she would close her laptop so he couldn’t see what she was looking at, then she started sitting with her back to the wall.

I inquired if she ever came in with friends. The barista couldn’t remember anyone ever sitting with her. She spoke to no one and ordered regular coffee, black.

A few days later, couple of college students came forward to join the barista and me. “Shelley’s her name,” one said. “She was in my abnormal psych class.”

“Was?” I inquired.

“I haven’t seen her since she lost it here that morning.”

“She was weird,” volunteered her companion.

“Weird in what way?” I asked.

He shrugged and said, “Just weird.”

“She was interested in serial killers. Always wanting to know what made them behave as they did. She studied them constantly. That’s probably what she researched here each morning with her coffee.”

It seemed to fit that her interest in murderers and the entity that followed Molly and Kevin from Alcatraz could hook up.

I didn’t say anything to the barista or the young couple about what I was thinking.

I left the coffee shop and the young couple followed me to my car.

“I did see her wandering around campus a few days ago, muttering to herself,” he volunteered. “She looked awful, like she hadn’t showered or washed her hair or changed her clothes.”

The only name I had to go by was Shelley. I tried locating her with the help of friends. 

I knew she needed professional help.

It’s unfortunate that there are entities among us that are waiting for a perfect prey to possess. They seem to hitchhike with those who don’t protect themselves with a white light. They can also get into objects and hide out in them. That’s why everyone has to cleanse everything they purchase before bringing it into their house or wherever they’re staying.

A couple of years later, I heard about Shelley. She frequented the mental ward of the hospital. She knew how to play the system and was usually released after a week. She would show up there monthly. Then, she stopped coming in. Many speculated she finally succeeded in committing suicide, but there were no police reports.

Upon further investigation, my friends told me she left the area. They contacted others to see if she was in a mental ward of a hospital, but it seems she succeeded in disappearing.

I haven’t seen Molly or Kevin for years. I don’t know if they’re avoiding me or if the entity is back with them and tormenting them when Shelley seeks help. Or there could be more than one entity.

I have no desire to visit Alcatraz. There have been many reports that the place is haunted and there are many people who have had scary experiences there.

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