Going antique hunting is always fun, especially when you find an old treasure.

Carrie and Lisa planned a trip to go antique hunting and brought along their husbands for the heavy lifting. Carrie was looking for an antique desk and Lisa was looking for a grouping of little tables.

After looking around for less than an hour they found what they were looking for and headed to check out.

Carrie and her husband were delighted with their new antique desk and had just the place for it in their office.

That night Carrie and Wade were awakened by the sound of splintering wood.

There were loud animal type sounds  accompanying the splintering sounds. They got up to investigate.

They heard the sounds, but didn’t see any splintered wood. It was useless for them to go back to sleep.

Carrie wondered if it could be the desk they just purchased. She had bought other furniture at antique stores without having a problem. She wondered if their desk could be haunted.

Wade was a skeptic and insisted there was a logical explanation. He thought the wood could be a little dry and started polishing the desk. The sounds changed to a purring. This didn’t disturb Wade, but it did Carrie.

She got out a smudge stick and opened the drawers and started praying and smudging the desk. Wade continued polishing it.

The whole room smelled like a bonfire.

“You’re burning the desk!” Wade exclaimed.

“No, I’m not, the desk is fine.”

But, the desk wasn’t fine. Within seconds it became hot to the touch, a big piece of wood splinted from the center of the desk, broke free and lodged in Wade’s hand.

They had no idea how that happened, but Wade needed medical attention.

They spent hours in the emergency room. The most awkward part was explaining why Wade was polishing a desk at 2 to 3 in the morning. There was no logical explanation as to how a big splinter could pierce his hand. They weren’t going to say they bought a haunted desk and while smudging it, a big splinter broke through and attacked Wade.

There was only one thing for Carrie and Wade to do.

They had to get it out of the house.

When they arrived home, Wade went to bed. The medication made him tired. Carrie went into the office to try to move the desk on her own out of the house.

She was too scared to touch it when she noticed there was no big splintered chunk taken out of the center of the desk. It was smooth and looked just like new.

She made coffee and waited. She needed to think. It was a beautiful desk. It was also quite expensive. She wanted to burn it, but she also wanted to return it.  It was quite a dilemma for her. She would need to see what Wade decides to do. One thing she knew for sure was that she didn’t want it in her house.

They did decide to return it and she slipped a note inside the drawer with a warning: This desk is haunted with an evil spirit. You’ll need to have it blessed before bringing it into your house.

This was the least she could do, because she found out from one of the customers that the desk had been returned once before.  The antique store knew the reason why, but didn’t warn Carrie and Wade when they purchased it.

The question is always, would Carrie and Wade listened to a warning?  Too often we’re too wound up in our own desire to have a particular antique and we believe we can get rid of spirits, but there are times when we definitely can’t.

I was surprised the antique shop didn’t experience anything, but maybe the shop was closed when those things happened. It makes me wonder what an antique store is like during the “bewitching hours.”

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