Yes, a haunted cabin deep in the woods of Tennessee.

It’s always exciting to see in real time and receiving honest reactions when strange paranormal activity happens right in front of you.

Most of the time, many of us don’t have the peace of mind to grab a camera . . . but with trained professionals such as Patty and her G Team and friends, although relaxing after a long day of investigating did decide to turn on their cameras and get out their EVP box.

The video is quite long, but it is worthwhile to watch the whole video and stay tuned for the second part.

I truly believe this is a real ghost story — that chair didn’t rock as I had expected it to. I thought it would rock a bit harder which tells me it was an honest and true ghost sitting there and gently rocking it — as one normally would while sitting quietly on the porch.

There was also an honest to goodness ghost at one part of the video . . . but I also think I saw it sooner in the video . . . but it could have been the light. Let me know what you think.

Wasn’t that amazing?

Something was definitely on that porch with them!!! I got goosebumps a few times while watching the video and listening to the EVPs.

I remember watching either something on television or on-line at least 15 to 20 years ago about being careful when viewing programs involving paranormal activities.

At the time I wasn’t too concerned about it and thought the “warning” was a hoax or hype to get more views.

But the more I thought about it . . . and the things I’ve experienced, I decided to always have sage burning and also say a prayer of protection . . . and pretty much go all over my house with the sage smoke and repeating a prayer.

One experience I had while watching a YouTube Video that creeped me out was the shower curtain falling in one of my bathrooms and writing inside one of my cupboards in the kitchen which repeated something that was said in the video.

I was so creeped out that I emptied the cupboard and painted over it. The writing did bleed through, so I repainted it. And, yes again it bled through so I spackled over the writing, let it dry and repainted.

I can’t explain why the shower curtain fell nor the writing in the cupboard. I just know it happened and I do get a creepy feeling when I go into that bathroom and open cupboards in my kitchen.

I have called in “professionals” and have been told my house is very active. I’ve encouraged several “ghosts” to leave . . . which they have done, but for some reason I still have activity in my house.

I am definitely not a skeptic. Strange, uncanny, paranormal, if you will, things do occur more often than not. I do look for a logical explanation . . . and sometimes I can’t find one. So, I do have an open mind and subscribe to many YouTube Channels where I may see paranormal investigators experiencing something similar to my personal experiences for an explanation.

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