Dolls Creep Out A Lot Of People.

    I’m sure many of you have Haunted Dolls … or know someone who does … Or have had some experiences where you know a doll moved or blinked its eyes or turned its head … 

    Well … over at Heather’s Hauntings, she caught a doll moving on tape with witnesses!! There was no hanky panky going on … the doll did indeed move … Check it out for yourself!!

    Heather’s Hauntings Haunted Dolls:


    This Was Quite An Experience!!

    I enjoy Heather’s Videos and those of The G Team Paranormal Investigations … They were so thrilled they caught the doll movement on tape!!

    It is rare to capture such images without going through hours and hours of video … This was truly a special treat!!

    Of course there will be scoffers … scoff away … There could be a logical explanation … or a paranormal one … It seemed to go along with the EVP of that particular doll wanting attention …

    Crazy stuff happens around us all the time … Do we notice it? Do we miss it? I know I’ve missed a lot … but then I notice when something has been moved … but not actually seeing it move … 

    I hope you liked this video from Heather’s Hauntings … Leave me a comment below about your haunted doll stories.

    Thanks for stopping by!!