My local coffee shop is a great place to meet my fellow ghost hunters and friends who have an interest in the paranormal. It’s also a good place to meet new people who have had experiences they can’t explain.

We don’t usually have an agenda when we meet. Sometimes we just talk about the ordinary things of home, family and friends.

There’s an old abandoned haunted hospital that we’ve all visited from time to time. It seems an investigation is never completed, it has only reached another point in our personal experiences.

This old hospital is not a place I want to visit at night. There is no electricity running in the place and it has been abandoned for years. I’ve received permission to visit it from time to time as have my friends. It’s always a good idea not to visit abandoned properties haunted or not alone. No one knows what one will find or the dangers that are afoot with rotted flooring and ceilings that could cave in or critters that have crawled in or worse.

This particular hospital is very haunted, built in the early 1800’s and used as a sanitarium for those with tuberculosis, incurable diseases, mental or physical disorders and various nervous conditions. Just standing in front of the old building makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ve heard odd sounds, both mechanical in nature, screams and maniacal laughter that chills me to the bone.

Of course such places get a reputation with unkind labels, but from what we’ve investigated, the rumors may be more fact than fiction. The place was closed down 20 to 30 years ago and there are people still living who had worked there or had family members who had worked there and told of their strange experiences.

I do get visions of it being a Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. There is definitely something odd about the 5th floor. At night people have reported lights in the hospital, electrical lights lighting up the whole place. They know it is impossible, but they know what they saw.

The one thing that was singled out for our discussion centered around the elevator. I had been there when I heard it moving on old metal grating metal gears. I’ve seen the doors open and close. I’ve watched the old half clock hand move up to the 5th floor and stop.

Graham was brave enough to go into the elevator and ride it up to the 5th floor and step out.

“I carefully walked around, holding my EMF meter up. I followed it where it led me.”

He stood in one particular spot, closed his eyes to concentrate on the room generally and the one spot where he was standing.

He spoke aloud, “Tell me about this place. I’ve heard rumors, but I need verification.”

Graham waited and heard shuffling first to his right, then left and he felt surrounded by energy. He heard one voice in particular say, “True.”

This brought chills to everyone listening.

The elevator made a grunting noise, according to Graham and he decided to take it down to the lobby. The stairway was not safe to maneuver.

While in the elevator, he had a conversation with an entity that seemed to know what had happened on that particular floor. The words, “Failure.” “Complete failure.” rang through the elevator.

What Graham gathered was that there were experimental operations that failed. From the screams and shuffling of feet there were many failed experiments that resulted in the patients being worse off than before.

The elevator didn’t stop at the lobby, but took him down to the basement. This, he knew, was the morgue.

Although everything had been removed from the basement, there was a built-in freezer that was used to stack the bodies. The words, “35 high” echoed in the basement. The word “murdered” was also heard.

Our imaginations went wild with this news. It did seem logical and with the rumors that many patients who were no longer able to pay, instead of being released to family, “volunteered” to have operations in the hopes of being cured.

Graham was also shown a place where bodies were buried behind the hospital. This was a field that had been sold by the city and now has warehouses on it.

Graham’s investigation is taking him to contact some of the warehouse owners and talk to them about any paranormal activity.

It’s times like this that makes one wonder if digging for the truth would do more harm than good, both for the living and the dead.