Many of us have been grillin’ and chillin’ feasting on BBQ while others are spending quality time at the beach. This is truly an exciting weekend!

And now a word from Little Miss Diva:


Mom and I are talking all about this great 4th of July celebration. This is my first year celebrating this holiday. There will be fireworks with booms and pops. It doesn’t sound like much fun for me, but Mom says we can watch the fireworks in the sky from our patio.

I think I may like the sky lighting up with beautiful colors, but the booms and the pops may be something I won’t like. The BBQ feasts are quite nice, they do smell yummy . . . and I’m eager to be the official taster. We all have to work together and I’m eager to do what I do best — eat.

Have a safe and fun 4th of July. And please keep your furry friends safe. 

Fireworks displayed over the American Flag

Fireworks displayed over the American Flag

Yes, have a safe and fun 4th of July!! Keep your kids and pets safe. This is going to be a new experience for my little Diva. It’s my job to keep her safe and feeling secure.

It’s important that I’m going to be home with her during all the festivities. I want to share this experience with her. Just as we’ve been together during lightning and thunder storms. It’s always nice to have a little furry friend to hold and hug during these nights and days when the weather and celebrations are being heard. It’s important that my little Diva feels secure.

This is one of those weekends that many have been anticipating for quite some time . . . and it’s finally here!

Every year we’re told that fireworks are prohibited in our county, but then we see they are being sold . . . and being fired off. So much depends upon my neighbors and how they plan to celebrate this weekend . . . and whether it begins tonight and continues on throughout the weekend. This may be a little difficult to handle and explain to Diva . . . but we’ll play it by ear. I don’t know why noise has to be part of this, but I may be getting old and prefer to have it nice and quiet.

I’ll leave you with this Patriotic Oreo Pop video:

Have fun!! Be safe!!