I don’t know about you, but after a Monday holiday my week is messed up.

I’m always a day off . . .

The same with the weekend — did I have two Sundays?relaxation

Well, it seems that Tuesday is upon us and I’m trying my best to keep up with the week the best I can . . . with my irregular sleep schedule — that may be more of the reason than a long weekend.

I do love writing during the wee hours of the morning . . . There are no interruptions . . . no telephone ringing . . . no neighbor noises . . . just pure silence that is relaxing allowing me to write without distraction.

I had to renew my security software on my computer.

It’s a bit of a bother, but necessary . . . or so I’ve been told . . . It does make you wonder if it really is doing what it’s suppose to do.

I can sometimes get on websites with a virus that takes over my computer . . . I didn’t even see it coming! Aren’t we supposed to be protected from that?

And I do wonder about the hacking that is going on . . . not that I have such important documents on my computer . . . but what I have is important to me. I do wonder how secure we truly are on-line . . . but I’m hooked on the internet right along with millions of others . . . and we’re not going to stop using it.

It’s like when my new security software was installed and my bandwidth was diminished . . . I restarted my computer to fix the problem. Sometimes the magic wizard of installing new software doesn’t prompt you to restart . . . I think it is necessary to do so . . . it solved my problem. And, why would that software have anything to do with my bandwidth?

Strange things do happen in the wee morning hours . . . you’d think I’d be the only one on-line . . . or with a few night owls . . . but maybe they do cut back a bit or do those things they do when we’re supposed to be asleep tucked securely in our beds.

Well, the good news is that I have a whole year of security on my computer.

The Unofficial Start of Summer.

It’s interesting how Memorial Day unofficially announces summer and Labor Day unofficially brings it to a close.

Memorial Day was indeed warm here . . . let’s hope Labor Day brings us fall weather. I can only hope.

I’ve been thinking of those who went camping this weekend . . . and how many s’mores they consumed . . . and how many ghost stories were told. This is truly an exciting time of year. The fair to hot weather brings on thoughts of being carefree.

Some people use their vacation time to get into their favorite hobby . . . or do something new. It’s just a welcome break from the regular daily routine of work and related responsibilities.

Some people pack their vacations with activities that keep them and the kids busy . . . doing something fun and different from the norm. It’s nice when there are vacation plans that include a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

I remember some vacations that were quite exhausting from all the things planned . . . and when I did get home, I enjoyed sitting on the front porch or balcony or patio (depending upon where I lived) and relaxing . . . yes, it was home, but I had to recharge after such an exciting vacation.

But the memories were absolutely priceless . . . something I can fondly think about for years to come . . .

Life is full of precious “treats” to savor.

I remember going to this lake, not far from my home.relaxation1

It was quiet even when a lot of people were there. It was one of those places that was completely serene . . . and once you entered that sacred ground, you could feel the calmness and the weight of the world lift off your shoulders.

I’m sure you’ve found such places, too. It is necessary to unwind from time to time . . . relax and allow yourself to just enjoy the peaceful solitude of your thoughts . . . or no thoughts at all.

I remember watching others sitting in their portable chairs . . . sitting still . . . and some women would be doing needle work . . . a man would be reading a book . . . but mostly people were quiet.

It seems to be the perfect setting for a Stephen King novel . . . but it never really spooked me . . . thinking about it now . . . I wonder if something paranormal was happening . . .

I believe it’s good to get out in nature from time to time . . . dig in the dirt . . . sit calmly . . . have a picnic . . . just relax and enjoy either alone or with friends or family . . .

I think we are all drawn to certain places . . . some to the desert, others to the beach and some to the mountains . . . it is their special place to relax and soak in nature . . . There are some garden settings that are specifically designated for places of reflection and meditation.

Although it’s nice to get out and go someplace . . . I find I enjoy making that serene place in my own backyard . . . so I can visit it regularly. I’ll write out there and sometimes eat breakfast or dinner . . . sometimes have a cool or hot beverage and just unwind . . . taking in the calmness and the quiet.

In the distance I sometimes hear the church bells . . . and other times the faint sound of the train whistle . . . I love that sound . . . it is peaceful and quite calming to me.

Well . . . we’re embarking upon a new week . . . a short one with the unofficial start of summer . . . How do you plan to spend the next few months? I hope you’ll take in the sights and sounds of nature and enjoy it thoroughly. Maybe learn something new and exciting or get into something you love doing.

I’m beginning to think summer is the time to reflect and explore . . . and maybe a time of spiritual growth . . . and healing . . .

Thanks for stopping by!