This is an excellent open candy box that is a delightful hostess gift. My cousin made dozens of these last year for Halloween. By using the Free Templates she traced the outside of the shoe on black cardstock and the inside on printed scrapbooking paper. She adored them by using a variety of buttons and used ribbons that were printed with Halloween themes.

This is one of those templates that can be used for many occasions. It has been used as hostess gifts for a bridal shower. Everyone loves having chocolate goodies wrapped up in a pretty shoe. A Special birthday party is another occasion where these templates have been enjoyed as party favors. I’m sure you can think of other uses for this template, too.

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Here are the Free Templates:

Shoe Template

Shoe Lining Template

To make these Witches Shoes, you’ll need:

  • black cardstock for the outside of the shoe
  • printed scrapbook paper for the inside of the shoe
  • templates for both the outside and inside of the shoe
  • carbon paper to place between the template and the cardstock or scrapbook paper to mark the folded lines
  • you may want to use a ruler when marking the folded lines onto your cardstock or scrapbook paper
  • folder tool
  • glue stick
  • mini clothes pins to hold the glued pieces together until dry
  • white pencil to trace around the template on the black cardstock
  • suitable pencil or pen to trace around the template on the scrapbook printed pattern paper
  • assorted buttons
  • assorted ribbon
  • any other adornments you want to put on your shoes

Assembling your shoes:

  • Print out the templates on card stock for tracing onto your black cardstock and scrapbook printed pattern paper
  • Cut out the outline of your templates — be sure to mark them for the outside shoe and inside shoe
  • Use carbon paper to trace the folded lines onto the cardstock and scrapbook paper using the appropriate template
  • Cut out the cardstock outside shoe and score the folded lines with a folder tool
  • Fold it following the instructions on the template and glue, holding it together with mini clothes pins
  • Use the same instructions when tracing around the template for the inside shoe and tracing  the folded lines from the template to the scrapbook paper
  • Cut out the scrapbook paper inside shoe and score the folded lines with a folder tool
  • Fold the inside of the shoe following the instructions on the template and glue inside the black cardstock outside shoe, hold into place until dry using mini clothes pins
  • Once your shoe dries you’re ready to decorate it
  • Once all your embellishments are in place, you’re ready to fill them with goodies

With all the directions and materials you’ll need to complete this project, you’ll find it is much easier to put together than it seems reading the directions. If you’re going to make quite a few of these, you can get an assembly line going and have these completed in a relatively short time.

It’s a fun project once the shoes are made. That’s when the kids will want to help you decorate them with buttons, bows, and maybe even sequins. There’s no telling where your or their imaginations will take you or them.



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